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Manitoba Infrastructure to review signage between Thompson and Grand Rapids regarding rest areas

Several city councillors expressed their disappointment regarding the provincial Infrastructure Minister’s response to the distance between rest rooms along Highway 6.


At this week’s city hall meeting, council reacted to the letter sent by Ron Schuler, who wrote that Manitoba Infrastructure acknowledges that remoteness and longer distances between communities in the north has always been a challenge.


Schuler says that wayside parks would likely not be an option, due to vandalism and cleanliness being issues in sustaining them, stating that the Devils Lake Wayside Park has been closed for several years due to this reason.


He adds that while it was unfortunate that the Ponton service station burned down last summer, providing restroom facilities for public use along the highway are typically provided by the private sector, and if a private entity wanted to provide those services, Manitoba Infrastructure would consider supporting where appropriate.


Schuler goes on to say that Manitoba Infrastructure will review signage between Thompson and Grand Rapids, as well as southerly of Grand Rapids, to let travelers know that there will be no rest facilities for six hundred kilometers.

KGS Group conduct first assessment of the Norplex Pool

Engineers from the city and the KGS Group are conducting assessments of the Norplex Pool and Thompson Regional Community Centre.


The KGS Group ran through their first assessment at the Norplex Pool last week, after the city awarded them with the contract for a feasibility study to determine the future of the pool structure.


The city is assessing the TRCC to see if a new facility attached to the rec centre can be built, saying that gathering information from both buildings will ensure there is minimal delay in determining what to do next once the KGS Group hands in its final report of the Norplex Pool.


The city adds that the final report is expected by the end of August.

KTC to host 2019 Manitoba First Nations Firefighters competition this Saturday

The 2019 Manitoba First Nations Firefighters competition will be held this weekend.


The Keewatin Tribal Council announced last month that its bid to host the competition was approved, making this the third time the organization has hosted the event.


Ivan Hart, the Fire Safety Officer at KTC and the coordinator for the event, says at least eleven First Nations firefighter teams from across the province will be participating in the competition, including two all-women teams from the Island Lake region.


Hart talks about some of the events that will be a part of the competition.


"This year, we decided to do  some things a bit differently. We've added a few new evolutions, we wanted to make it a little more challenging, so we have the firefighter endurance relay. We've added the bucket throw-down, which is a good event. There's the high-flow knock-down, as well as the self-contained breathing apparatus relay".


The competition will be held at the Thompson Regional Community Centre this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

IIU seeks witnesses following an incident with Thompson police

The Independent Investigation Unit (IIU) is looking for witnesses after a male was injured during his arrest by police in Thompson.


On June 21, 2019, RCMP notified the IIU of an incident that led to the arrest and injury of a 50-year-old male.


On June 5, around 6:00 p.m., officers responded to a call about a man causing a disturbance at the Thompson Inn. The man was arrested and, during the course of his arrest, was injured.


He was transported to Thompson General Hospital where he received sutures to a laceration on his forehead.


Although this is not a serious injury as defined by regulations, the IIU civilian director has determined it is in the public interest for the agency to investigate.


Witnesses or other individuals who have information or video footage that may assist this investigation are asked to contact the IIU toll free at 1-844-667-6060.


The investigation is ongoing so no further details will be provided at this time.

RCMP looking for missing teen

Thompson RCMP are asking for the public’s assistance in locating 14-year-old Allison Bighetty.


She was last seen in Thompson, Manitoba, at 10:00 pm on June 29, 2019. Allison Bighetty is 5’5”, with brown hair.


She was last seen wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Police believe she is still in the Thompson area.


If anyone has any information on her whereabouts, please contact Thompson RCMP Detachment at 204-677-6911.

Thompson RCMP: 41 traffic tickets issued over the weekend

The Thompson RCMP Traffic Unit was busy over the weekend.


In total, 41 traffic tickets were issued for a variety of driving offenses, including suspended drivers, driving without a driver’s license, driving unregistered vehicles, driving while holding a cell phone, driving with no front license plate, and speeding offenses.


Of the speeding offences, one driver received a warning and two speeding tickets within 24 hours. The driver will have to pay a total fine of over $1, 200.


Additionally, two drivers were issued tickets for speeding in the construction zone on Highway 6, with on receiving a $916 fine, and another receiving a ticket of over $1000.


Constable Sandy Deibert of the Thompson RCMP wants to remind drivers that fines are double in all construction zones in the province, and that the posted speed limit in construction zones are in effect whether or not there are workers present.

Traffic violations a concern for RCMP during Canada Day long weekend

While it was a steady Canada Day long weekend for Thompson RCMP, traffic violations continue to be a concern.


Police responded to between 250 and 280 calls, and several tickets were issued for traffic violations, particularly at the construction zone on Highway 6.


One of the tickets issued at the construction zone resulted in a $670 fine, with another amounting to nearly $1,000.


Constable Sandy Deibert say the traffic fines double when violations occur at a construction zone.


She explains why it’s important for motorists to follow the law when it comes to construction zones.


"Even though workers might not be present at the time, the reduced speed limit is still in effect. While it protects the safety of the workers when they are working, it also makes traveling safer for motorists while road conditions are not at their optimal levels."


Deibert goes on to say that RCMP is asking motorists to drive with caution, and while it may add ten minutes to your drive, it could save a life if your vehicle loses control.

11 SDML pick-up trucks vandalised

Eleven vehicles belonging to the School District of Mystery Lake have been damaged.


Thompson RCMP responded to a report of vehicle damage at the school division building, where the trucks had their windows smashed.


The incident is believed to have taken place between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning.


Police are asking anyone with information to contact the Thompson RCMP at 204-677-6909, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477, or submit a secure tip online at

One man dead following single-vehicle rollover

CORRECTION: Further investigation has indicated that the driver was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.


One man is dead following a single-vehicle rollover on Highway 6, just south of Thompson.


On Tuesday afternoon, Thompson RCMP was responding to a report of a black truck that was traveling at a high rate of speed and was swerving in and out of traffic. They were then advised that a single-vehicle rollover had occurred on Highway 6, just 50 kilometers south of Thompson.


A 30-year-old man from Winnipeg was pronounced deceased on scene.


It was determined the vehicle was traveling south on the highway when it went off the road and rolled several times.


Thompson RCMP, along with a Forensic Re-constructionist, continue to investigate.

MNU says Manitoba is experiencing chronic province-wide nursing shortage

Last year has seen a decrease in the number of nurses working in Manitoba.


According to a recent report by the Canadian Institute of Health Information, over five hundred fewer nurses were employed in 2018 when compared to 2017.


MNU President, Darlene Jackson, talks about one health program in Manitoba that’s greatly affected by the shortage.


"The critical care  program in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is very, very short-staffed, with lots of vacancies. That has an impact on the rest of the province. Those beds are used by the entire province. A patient that is critically ill in northern Manitoba that requires transfer to Winnipeg needs a critial care bed. Unfortunately with staffing issues, those beds are few and far between, and there's really no way to increase the numbers of those beds, since we don't have the staff to work them."


She goes on to explain that some nursing programs in Manitoba are cutting seats due to lack of funding, and with the average age of nurses being 45 years old, the province won’t have enough nursing grads to replace those reaching retirement.


She adds that the provincial government needs to work on strategies to bolster the number of nurses working in Manitoba.


"Nurses in this province have been without a collective agreement for more than two years. The provinical government refuses to come to the bargaining table. We are now affected by Bill-28, which is a wage freeze. Neither of those, nor the work load that nurses are working under right now, especially in rural areas and in the WRHA, is a strategy to retain and recruit nurses into healthcare. I think this government needs to have a good, strong look at what they're doing and how they're managing."


Jackson mentions how it’s especially difficult to retain nurses in northern Manitoba.

Kelly Bindle named PC nominee for Thompson in the upcoming provincal election

The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba has announced Kelly Bindle as the nominated candidate for Thompson.


Bindle, who has served as Thompson’s MLA since 2016, will be seeking re-election in the provincial election taking place on September 30th.


In addition to his role as MLA, he served as Legislative Assistant to the Minister of Growth, Enterprise, and Trade. Prior to his election as MLA, Bindle was a structural engineer and small business owner in Thompson.


The Election Divisions Boundaries Commission made changes to the existing electoral boundaries in December 2018, which is why Bindle has to go through a nomination process.


If he wins the candidacy for the election, he would be running against NDP candidate Danielle Adams in the constituency.

2019 Troy Anand Scholarship Awarded

The recipient of the Troy Anand Scholarship this year is Kyle Tomchuk.


The scholarship is awarded every year in honour of a local entrepreneur, Troy Anand, who was a dedicated and active member of the Thompson community.


Tomchuk is a recent RD Parker Collegiate graduate, and talks about how it feels to receive the scholarship.


"It's an honour to win this scholarship. It's a great one to get because I read a little bit about the guy. He's a very great person, and it just meant a lot to me."


He will be attending Brandon University in the fall, and would like to thank everyone who has helped him throughout his high school career.

Graffiti Coverup Program back at the CMHA Thompson

CMHA Thompson will be covering up Graffiti in the city this year.


The Graffiti Cover-Up is a free service where volunteers from the CMHA career programs paint over graffiti for businesses in the city, and will cover a variety of surfaces, including concrete, vinyl, masonry, and wood.


The goal of the program is to help support people living with mental health issues by allowing them to gain social skills and work experience.


Katherine Rushton, the Education and Training program coordinator at the CMHA, explains the impact graffiti can have on people whose property was vandalised.


“Graffiti can be demoralizing. It can make us feel that we don’t have control over our own space, especially if you are a business and you might not want your outside walls tagged, you might not want the slogans. Of course, it can be profanity, as well, which none of us need to be looking at. It’s not helpful for our youth, either.”


The program will run from July 2nd to September 13th.


People interested in having graffiti covered up can find the Graffiti Cover-Up request form at Thompson dot CMHA dot C-A.

Canada Day Celebrations at the TRCC

Monday is Canada Day, and the city has planned a day full of performances and activities.


There will be a bicycle parade, a truck pull, and outdoor activities with the Thompson Firefighters Association.


There will also be performances by the Asham Stompers, the Aurora Dance Academy, and the Diamond Dance Academy.


The inaugural Junk-in-the-Trunk event will be held at the TRCC parking lot from 9 AM to 11 AM, which is a community rummage sale that sellers hold from their vehicles.


There will also be two escape acts by Dean Gunnarson, and the night will finish off with a firework display at 11PM.


The event will be accepting donations of non-perishable food items, which will be going to the Salvation Army foodbank.


The day’s festivities will be held at the Thompson Regional Community Centre.

Boys and Girls Club summer camps are back

There are multiple activities going on at the Boys and Girls Club of Thompson throughout the summer.


Regina Da Silva-Gibbons, the executive director for the Club, says they will be hosting an End-of-School Party today at the club, which is open for both the kids and their parents to attend.


She adds that throughout the summer, the drop-in camp for kids will be back, which runs in the afternoon from 2:30 until 7.


Summer Brain Gain, a free curriculum-based program designed to help fill the learning gaps during the summer, will also be returning, but will require registration.


For more information about the summer activities at the Boys and Girls Club, check out the Thompson Today podcast on our website.

Boreal Discover Centre to hold Summer Camps

Registrations for the Boreal Discovery Centre’s Discovery Camps are still being accepted.


The BDC’s program coordinator, Samantha Graham, says the camp will include activities like making miniature animal habitats, and learning about animals, trees, and plants.


There will also be other arts and crafts projects.   The camps will run from July 2nd to August 23rd, and the BDC is accepting registrations until all the spots are filled.


For more information about the Discovery Camps, you can contact the BDC at 677-5919.

Local Radio Show host wins Thompson's Got Vocal Talent Contest

First time contestant and 102.9 CHTM’s own afternoon drive host, Robyn Thomson, won the Thompson’s Got Vocal Talent Show on Sunday.


Robyn Thomson claimed first place and five hundred dollars by wowing the judges with her performance of “You and Me” by Pink and City and Colour and “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz.


Here’s Thomson talking about her win.


“I was really surprised. I signed up last minute. I don’t perform much. So, it was just kind of a fun thing. I figured if I did well I’d get a prize and then I ended up doing really well. It was fun.”


Thomson explains how she got into singing.


“I started singing in high school when we had to sign up for arts classes. My school had vocal classes and I thought singing was fun so I did it. I continued doing it for all four years and I did every choir and every vocal class that I possibly could and now I do it for fun.”


The rest of the top five contestants include Richard Obierna, Olivia McLeod, Brendan Rhodes, and Andria Stephens.

Manitoba Liberal Leader considering extra police resources

The Manitoba Liberal Party is proposing a new provincial police service, specifically to help rural and northern communities.


Leader Dougald Lamont says one of the reasons why his party wants to create the Manitoba Police service is because rural and northern communities are underserved.


“There just aren’t enough boots on the ground. We don’t have enough coverage of large parts of rural and northern areas. And sometimes the police don’t have enough resources and enough training and that’s unfair to the police and it’s unfair to the community.”


“People are often concerned about the high crime rates in Winnipeg, but there are higher crime rates outside of Winnipeg in rural and northern areas. Thompson is a hotspot and people have the right to feel safe in their homes and that hasn’t happened.”


Lamont adds that the MPS would not replace existing police forces in the communities, including First Nations policing, as the MPS would instead work in partnership with local police services, and offer training and resources.


The MPS would have a focus on border enforcement, as well as white collar and commercial crime, and will also have an Indigenous Unit led by First Nations, which is a recommendation of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Report.

RCMP give Nickel Days Weekend Update

Thompson RCMP was busy during the Nickel Days weekend.


161 traffic tickets were issued throughout the weekend, with 81 of them for speeding. At least 9 of those busted were driving at speeds of over one hundred kilometres an hour within city limits.


There were also two tickets issued for impaired driving; one for alcohol and one for cannabis; and there were four roadside suspensions.


One traffic stop resulted in around 330 oxycodone pills being seized by police, and a 32 year-old man being charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking.


Constable Sandy Deibert says the RCMP is committed to keeping Thompson roads safe, adding that they are ensuring drivers who refuse to obey the laws of the road are held accountable.

King Miner Results for 2019

Miners and non-miners alike, pitted their skills and endurance against one another Saturday at the 47th National King Miner contest.


The contest was made up of 11 different events which were timed to determine the winners.


The coveted title of King Miner 2019 was awarded to Josh Forest.


First runner up was Jason Stykalo.  Matt MacGregor was second runner up and third runner up was Kerry Roberts.


The rookie prize went to Ashley Mallett.


The full lineup of results can be found at




2019 National King Miner Contest Winners
I. King Miner:          Josh Forest                        $2000.00 and a Plaque (Sponsored By USW 6166)


II. 1st Runner Up:   Jason Stykalo                    $700.00 and a plaque


III. 2nd Runner Up:  Matt MacGregor             $200.00 and a plaque

IV. 3rd Runner Up:   Kerry Roberts                   $100.00 and a plaque

2. Team Event: Sponsor - A & B Builders


Sponsored by Nickel Days Corporation


I.   Scott Kennedy

II.  Justin Lefebvre

III.  Jason Stykalo

IV.  Alex Martin

$1000.00 and a plaque (Sponsor A&B Builders)


3.   Rookie Prize: Sponsor - Sling Choker

I.  Ashley Mallett                   $500.00


Individual Events
1 Stoper Drilling (Sponsors - Epiroc)

I. 1st Prize:              Alex Martin                    $500.00 and a plaque
II. 2nd Prize:             Josh Forest                   $300.00
III. 3rd Prize:             Kerry Roberts                $200.00
IV. 4th Prize:             Michael Gallant             $100.00

2 Jackleg Drilling (Sponsor - Maclean)

I. 1st Prize:              Josh Forest                   $500.00 and a plaque
II. 2nd Prize:             Matt MacGregor            $300.00
III. 3rd Prize:             Justin Lefebvre             $200.00
IV. 4th Prize:             Alex Martin                    $100.00

3 Bolting (Sponsor - Orica)

I. 1st Prize:              Josh Forest                   $500.00 and a plaque
II. 2nd Prize:             Matt MacGregor            $300.00
III. 3rd Prize:             Alex Martin                    $200.00
IV. 4th Prize:             Ashley Mallett               $100.00

4 Log Sawing (Sponsor - USW Northern Area Council

I. 1st Prize:              Frank Bushby               $500.00 and a plaque
II. 2nd Prize:             Karlyle Knutson            $300.00
III. 3rd Prize:             Troy Martin                    $200.00
IV. 4th Prize:             Evan Bercier                  $100.00

5 Ladder Climbing (Sponsor - Smook)

I. 1st Prize:              Scott Kennedy              $500.00 and a plaque
II. 2nd Prize:             Ethan Amyotte              $300.00
III. 3rd Prize:             Justin Lefebvre             $200.00
IV. 4th Prize:             Jason Stykalo               $100.00


6 Hose Mending (Sponsors - Kleysen Group LTD/Thompson Co-op)

I. 1st Prize:              Josh Forest                   $500.00 and a plaque
II. 2nd Prize:             Troy Martin                    $300.00
III. 3rd Prize:             Scott Kennedy              $200.00
IV. 4th Prize:             Jason Stykalo               $100.00

7 Hand Mucking (Sponsor - Alex MacIntyre)

I. 1st Prize:              Josh Forest                   $500.00 and a plaque
II. 2nd Prize:             Scott Kennedy              $300.00
III. 3rd Prize:             Jason Stykalo               $200.00
IV. 4th Prize:             Matt MacGregor            $100.00

8 Steel Packing (Sponsor - USW Canadian National Office)

I. 1st Prize:              Scott Kennedy              $500.00 and a plaque
II. 2nd Prize:             Frank Bushby               $300.00
III. 3rd Prize:             Kerry Roberts                $200.00
IV. 4th Prize:             Justin Lefebvre             $100.00

9 Crib Building (Sponsor - Thompson Inn, Burntwood hotel, & The Marlborough)

I. 1st Prize:              Scott Kennedy              $500.00 and a plaque
II. 2nd Prize:             Josh Forest                   $300.00
III. 3rd Prize:             Frank Bushby               $200.00
IV. 4th Prize:             Kerry Roberts                $100.00

10 Pipefitting (Sponsors - Manitoba Federation of Labour/Manitoba Government Employees Union)

I. 1st Prize:              Josh Forest                   $500.00 and a plaque
II. 2nd Prize:             Jason Stykalo               $300.00
III. 3rd Prize:             Michael Gallant             $200.00
IV. 4th Prize:             Scott Kennedy              $100.00

11 Nail Driving (Sponsor - UFCW Local 832)

I. 1st Prize:              Jason Stykalo               $500.00 and a plaque
II. 2nd Prize:             Scott Kennedy              $300.00
III. 3rd Prize:             Ashley Mallett               $200.00
IV. 4th Prize:             Frank Bushby               $100.00

Missing Selkirk Woman may be in Thompson

On June 15, 2019, at 8:40 pm, Selkirk RCMP received a report of a missing 30-year-old female from Selkirk.


Druscilla Kirkwood last spoke with her family on June 13 at 7:45 pm.


Kirkwood is described as 5’3”, 135 pounds, with brown eyes and black hair. She was last seen wearing a blue zip up hoodie and rainbow colored leggings.


She’s believed to possibly be in Thompson or the city of Winnipeg.


The RCMP are asking anyone with information to call the Selkirk RCMP at 204-482-1222, call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477, or secure tip online at


Photo attached.

Nickel Days President's Reception held on Wednesday

The Nickel Days President’s Reception was held Wednesday night, hosted by the event’s Board of Directors.


The Thompson Community Band kicked off the event with a performance.


As part of the President’s Reception the Honorary King Miner and Honorary Driller were also announced. This year’s Honorary King Miner is Susie Miscavitch, and the Honorary Driller is Merv Sterzuk.


Nickel Days runs until Sunday, and a full schedule of the events is available on Nickel Days dot C-A.

City Transit will go on Hiatus this July and August

The city’s transit bus line will be on hiatus for July and August.


This is due to Thompson’s interim contract with Maple Bus Lines expiring at the end of this month. The contract can’t be prolonged, as it was developed with a defined term with no option for an extension.


The city says the transit committee will continue meetings throughout the summer.


The committee has gotten input from the School District of Mystery Lake, as well as feedback from students from RD Parker Collegiate, including ridership throughout the day, and the most used bus stops and transfer points.


The committee has determined the overall budget for the transit service, and has provided the collected information to administration to prepare a number of options for the committee to consider prior to sending a request for proposal.


Mayor Colleen Smook says the committee has spent many days reviewing the city’s resources, understanding the needs of transit users, and reaching a certain degree of agreement among committee members.

Nickel Days Weekend kicked off Yesterday

Yesterday kicked off the first day of Nickel Days 2019.


The main gates opened yesterday afternoon at 4.   There’s a midway, booths, and food vendors. The midway closed at midnight.


Today’s events will include the Doctor Von Houligan show under the big top circus tent, as well as stage shows with local bands, and the annual softball tournament.


Saturday will have head liner band The Watchman at the Nickel Days social and the weekend will wrap up on Sunday the Thompson’s Got Vocal Talent Show.


The annual celebration runs until Sunday, and the full schedule for the weekend can be found at Nickel Days dot C-A.

In-Person Registration available for Upcoming Provincial Election

Elections Manitoba is in Thompson registering voters in person beginning today.


Voters will be able to check if they’re registered to vote in the next provincial election, register to vote, or update their information.


To register or update information, voters will need to show one piece of government-issued photo ID or two other pieces of ID.


Voter registration will be held at the City Centre Mall  near Walmart now until Monday.


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