Most of us have a few pairs of socks stashed away in our drawers – some that we might not have worn for years.


And while there are plenty of uses for those socks like using them to pack glasses when you’re moving or using them to dust everything from window blinds to plants, there’s one use that’s obvious.    Good socks can keep our feet warm and healthy.   If our socks get wet and cold,  we notice it pretty quickly.  It’s uncomfortable and impossible to ignore.


And we all know that socks are something the Thompson Homeless Shelter can never get enough of at this time of year.


That’s why 102.9 CHTM has brought back SOCKTOBER! 


Now through the end of November, we’re collecting socks and other warm clothing for the Thompson Homeless Shelter.  If you’ve got spare socks, scarves, hats, mitts or boots, don’t let them sit forgotten in a closet or drawer.   They can be put to good use! 


SOCKTOBER....when the cold weather shows up in Thompson, we know there are lots of warm-hearted people willing to lend a helping hand.


Your donations can be dropped off to the radio station at 103 Cree Road, right next to Doug’s Source for Sports.  


We are your radio, 102.9 CHTM.

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