$100 Grand in Your Hand

What would you do with $100 Grand in Your Hand?


102.9 CHTM and our great sponsors are giving you a chance to find out.


From June 10th to July 12th, listen to 102.9 CHTM weekdays for the “cue to call” sounder for your chance to call in and qualify for “$100 Grand in Your Hand.”


Over the span of 5 weeks 102.9 CHTM will qualify 50 people in all to participate in the final event for “$100 Grand in Your Hand”.


That event will take place from 2 – 4 pm on Thursday, July 18th at the Rotary Park Splash Pad at the corner of Deerwood Drive and Caribou Road.


It’s in conjunction with the Hello Parents Network Family Safety Day.


Our Sponsors for $100 Grand in Your Hand are:


Platinum:     Northern Inn and Steak House

                      A-1 Financing and Loans

                      Settarc Group


Gold:            Northstar Air


Silver:          Thompson Regional Airport Authority

                      Speedy Glass Repair, Speedy Glass Replace

                      NAPA Auto Parts

                      Maple Bus Line


Bronze:       Northland Tire

                      Allied Rentals

                      Boss Auto

                      Hi-Tech Automotive

                      Baaco's Bar and Grill

                      Custom Helicopter

                      Paul's Plumbing and Heating

                      Nasselquist Jewellers

                      AMP Industries

                      Smook Contractors

                      Assiniboine Credit Union


Here are some points you need to know:


* You can only qualify ONCE.

* You must be 18 years of age to qualify.

* If someone qualifies but can’t make it on the day of the final event (July 18th) then they can choose a designate to replace them. They must decide amongst themselves how any prize will be divided. That’s not our call.

* Qualifiers must present identification at the event to play.

* All prizes (consolation and otherwise) will be awarded as is. No substitutions and no cash value.


Here’s how the $100 Grand in Your Hand final event works:


* The 50 qualifiers head to Rotary Park Splash Pad on Thursday, July 18th around 2:00 so we can be prepared to start at 3 pm.

* There will be 50 envelopes on site, one for each qualifier. Qualifiers will choose an envelope in the order of how they qualified on air.

* If not all qualifiers are at the location at the time the event starts, their names will be called again at the end to determine if, in fact, they are there or not.

* We will have a draw barrel on hand with names filled in by those attending the event and who are NOT already qualified.

* Names will be randomly drawn until we reach the full complement of 50 qualifiers.

* One envelope will be chosen at a time until all the envelopes are claimed. * All qualifiers will open their envelopes at the same time to reveal the prize they won and who will play for the $100,000. All prizes vary in value.

* One of the 50 envelopes will have the “Golden Ticket” that indicates they are the finalist. That means they are eligible to try for the $100 Grand in Your Hand insured grand prize.

* There will be 100 envelopes on the board to choose from. One of the hundred envelopes will hold a certificate proclaiming them the winner of the $100 Grand in Your Hand prize. Insurance representative will verify this as true.

* If the finalist doesn’t choose the $100 Grand in Your Hand prize, they will receive the consolation prize (to be determined.)

* If the prize of $100 Grand is won, ALL 100 envelopes will be returned to the Insurance Company (PAL Insurance Brokers Canada Ltd.) to ensure all terms and conditions have been met before a cheque will be remitted to the winner.


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