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The Thompson Local News Archives for 2015-03

Thompson RCMP plan to continue last year's priorities into this year

Thomson RCMP has their annual performance plan coming up, where they will set priorities for the year.


Officer in Charge, Will Tewnion says he wants to continue supporting two community driven initiatives in the city: "If you look at the Downtown Strategy and Project Northern Doorway and the efforts that have been put forward... disturbing the peace calls, in 2011 we had 3723 and in 2014 we were down to 1857 so that was a 50% reduction. Sexual assaults, in 2010 we had 67 and in 2014 we had 39 so that was a 41% reduction in sexual assaults".


Tewnion says if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. He will meet with Mayor Dennis Fenske for the detachments annual performance plan, where he will push to keep the same priorities.


HOPE North Forum around the corner

The 6th annual HOPE North Forum is next month.


The event, hosted by the HOPE North Suicide Prevention Committee has a different focus each year.


Co-chairperson Liz Lychuk tells us about this year: "our focus is really around stories of recovery and resilience, give messages of hope to other people that might be experiencing mental health problems or struggling with suicide. We think its gonna be a really great forum this year, were really excited about the people we got coming in and the activities that we have going on"


Former NHL star, Theo Fleury is one of the keynote speakers.


Call 204-778-6513 to register.


Learn more about the event during Thompson Today at 12:40 and 5:10 this afternoon.


Leaving the City? Make sure someone looks after your house

Those getting away from the City are being reminded to have someone look after your house.


Deputy Mayor Penny Byer says frost goes deeper into the ground in spring, increasing the chances of a water break.Having someone visit your house daily to run the water will avoid a water break. 


Byer says if there’s a water break in the wrong spot, you might come home to a flooded basement.





Free skating during Spring Break

There’s no shortage of activities for the kids this week.


The TRCC is offering free skating and shinny for Spring Break.


Residents can enjoy one of the last skates of the season from 10am-noon and from 1pm-3pm every day except Good Friday.


Skaters are encouraged to wear a helmet in addition to gloves if playing shinny. 


Thompson dieticians host last Nutrition Month event

Throughout the month of March, dieticians in Thompson have been educating the public about healthy food choices. Tomorrow is their last event for Nutrition Month.


They’ll be at the Thompson Clinic from 12-1pm, providing tips on eating better while at work, and solutions for common workday food challenges.


They’ll be prizes, and lunch will be provided. You can call Kathleen Hodgins at 677-1780 to register.


Thompson RCMP warn of break and enters

Thompson RCMP have attended several break and enters over the last few weeks and are reminding residents of a few tips to avoid becoming a victim.


They say you should create the illusion of someone being home when you’re away by making sure mail is picked up, the yard is maintained, and lights are on.


They’re also asking residents to avoid keeping a spare key outside your home, and to avoid posting vacation plans on social media. 


If you see any suspicious activity, call Thompson RCMP at 204-677-6909.


City working on spring road problems

The melting ice and snow has motorists driving around pot holes again.


Deputy Mayor Penny Byer says the City is working on them: "Public Works has their cold mix in, and that is to fill in those pot holes. It's not a premanent fix but it fills them in. Trouble is they have to wait for it to warm up just a touch before it's effective. By the sounds of the weather, the projection is they'll be able to start doing that on Monday". 


If anyone sees a pothole they’re encouraged to call Public Works at 204-677-7970 so that they can add it onto their list.


As for sitting water on roards, Wayne Koverksy from Public Works says some catch bases are frozen preventing water from draining. He says they have an action plan in place to defrost the catch bases, which will allow for drainage.






Thompson Lions Senior Manor on the way to building seniors home

Construction on an affordable senior’s home in Thompson may start this summer.


Thompson Lions Seniors Manor Chairperson Nick Di Virgilio, tells us about the plans for the building:"The building is 20 units of 2 bedrooms, and 10 units of 1 bedroom. There will be two floors with a full basement, part of it will be a rec room and fitness room. There will be elevators to accomodate the sernios and its gonna be handicap accessable for all the residents". 


The group is now fundraising for the $7.4 million dollar project. You can email if you can help.


You can hear more about the project during Thompson Today at 12:40 and 5:10 this afternoon.


Canadian Liver Foundation raising awareness about liver disease

Alcohol is not the lead cause of liver disease.


Regional Coordinator for the Canadian Liver Foundation, Bianca Pengelly, says that’s just one of many misconceptions about liver disease:

Bilary Atresia is a liver disease that affects children and infants and its found shortly after their birth. Theres PBC which is normally found middle to late age group. Hepatitis C, you contract that disease, and that can happen to anyone. So liver disease affects babies to late seniors, there is no age group that its more prominent in"


Throughout March, the Canadian Liver Foundation is raising awareness about liver disease, for liver health month.


One Match Registration at Relay for life

Chantelle's Promise was created in 2008 by Chantelle Chornoby.


Her goal was to recruit more aboriginal donors to the One Match program so that aboriginas in need of bone marrow or stem cell transplants would have a better hope of finding a match.


Her grandmother Edna Chornoby tell us more:


"With the one match, we got 2 people the gift of life. My own niece gave a bone marrow and she saved a family and Brent Osborne from Norway House gave a swab and he gave the gift of life. That's why she started Chantelle's promise... just to give hope to everybody"


Currently less than one per cent of those on the One Match network are identified as aboriginal.


A registration swab event will be held at this year's Relay for Life on April 18th at the TRCC.  



Girl Guides selling their Spring cookies

The Girl Guides are back at it selling their delicious cookies.


For spring, they have their chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies available for $5 a box.


This time around they’re not doing a drive blitz so keep an eye out for that navy badge sash.


If you want to make sure a girl guide stops by your house call Marcia  at 204-778-6537 or Nadine at 204-677-5160.


The money helps the group with their programs for the year.


Mystery Mountain Winter Park to close for season

Mystery Mountain Winter Park needs more of the white stuff.


The hill has closed up for the season, and will remain closed, unless the City gets hit with some snow.


Past president Geoff Lamontagne says the hills which face direct sun light have lost significant snow.


If they decide to re-open they’ll post it on their facebook group.


Lamontagne says the season was a good one. Despite less snowfall than usual, he says they had lots of regulars visit the hill in addition to some new faces.


Thompson hotel receives award

Thompson Quality Inn and Suites received a Platinum Award from Choice Hotels yesterday.


Canada’s biggest hotel chain recognizes their top hotels in areas of customer service, housekeeping, and product quality every year.


Managing Director of Choice Hotels, Tim Oldfield presented the award to General Manager, Donna Wilson.  


Oldfield said over 300 hotels across Canada are up for the award every year, and only the top 12 receive the award.


Red Cross looking for volunteers in the North

The Canadian Red Cross needs more volunteers throughout Manitoba, including Thompson.


Volunteers would help with large and small scale evacuations.


Cailin Hodder ays people can apply to be a volunteer by going online at or calling 204-982-7330.


Over the weekend, Red Cross ran a training exercise in Dauphin, which required volunteers to open a small-scale shelter. 


Thompson resident donating her kidney

Thompson resident, Janice Pulak, is doing something she never thought she’d be doing: donating a kidney.


She tells us how she came to the decision after her cousin Mary, was diagnosed with stage 5 kidney disease: “I didn’t think about it at all, it was nothing that I ever thought I would offer to do but in wondering what the person who would come forward, cause it seemed to me somebody had to come forward, I was wondering what it would take of them and it led me to do some research on the living donor program. I realized that I’ve been very fortunate with my health and I’m in a comfortable stage of life, that this was a possibility for me”.


Janice and Mary are undergoing the procedure today in Toronto, which coincidentally falls during Kidney Health Month.


Thompson Chamber changing frequency of meetings

The Thompson Chamber of Commerce is making some changes.


After surveying members they’ve decided to change the frequency of meetings.


After tomorrow’s meeting, meetings will be held bi-weekly as opposed to weekly. 


President Keith McDonald said the Thompson Chamber was one of the only Chamber’s still holding meetings every week.


The meetings will remain on Wednesday’s during lunch time, 12-1pm.


Winter roads beginning to close for season

The plus temperatures are causing some winter roads to close for the season.


Highway 10 to Pukatawagan, Norway house to Therese Point, and Highway 373 to Oxford House have closed as of the weekend.


The fluctuating weather has also prompted the RCMP to remind motorists to drive with caution. They attended multiple motor vehicle collisions in the South, many caused by the slippery roads. 


Churchill looking to offer another tourist attraction

A feasibility study could determine the future of Churchill’s Town Centre.


The facility already houses a hospital, high school, library, fitness centre, and offices, but Mayor Michael Spence says they’re looking to continue the community’s ongoing economic diversification efforts while enabling a new use for the exisitng building.


The Government of Manitoba and the Town of Churchill together are funding $35,000 to see if the building could be used as a conference facility. Minister Ron Lemieux says the town could be an attractive location for meetings and conventions.


The feasibility study is expected to be completed this fall.


Public encouraged to protect themselves from fraud

For Fraud Prevention Month, the Manitoba Securities Commission is educating the public on frauds.


Fraud Investigator, Len Terlinski tells us how people can protect themselves: "well the most important thing they can do is avoid being rushed into an investment before they can reseeatch it. The fraudsters know they gotta act fast and they gotta talk fast and they gotta present some kind of plausible story to depart you from your money. Most of the time if you're given a day or two to think about it and do some research you can avoid being scammed."


Terlinski says victims of fraud almost never see their money again.


Winter tire program a success

The low-interested winter tire program introduced by MPI and the Government of Manitoba last fall was a huge success.


Almost 30-thousand Manitobans signed up for the financing program which helped them purchase winter tires for their vehicles. The average tire purchase was 12-hundred dollars, with the average length of a loan just under 3 years.


Mary Ann Kempe with MPI says this pilot project will be reviewed over the news few months to determine if it will be offered again.


Customers still interested in participating in the program can visit MPI’s website which outlines who qualities and other rules relating to the program.


Community Advisory Board on Homelessness say the shortage of housing in the City is problematic

The Community Advisory Board on Homelessness has set their priorities for the next 4 years.


Board members John Donovan and Leanna Greiner presented their community plan to council on Monday.


Priorities include expanding the housing first strategy, continue the availability of emergency shelters and to develop proper resources for high risk populations.


John Donovan said there are many homeless people waiting for housing but there are no affordable places for them to rent. He's reaching out to private businesses, individuals, and programs to invest in developing affordable units for the homeless who are waiting for housing.


The board will receive $186,000 a year from the federal government for the next 4 years.


Federal beluga whale regulations problematic for Churchill

Churchill’s beluga whale tourism industry might be in trouble.


New federal regulations mean tour operators must maintain at least 100 metres between their boats and whales.


President of Churchill Beluga Whale Tour Operators Association, Wally Daudrich tells us why it’s a problem: "We have such a high population of whales and the curiosity of the whales brings them to such close proximity to our boats that the one size fits all issue would not work with our situation in Churchill"


Daudrich is in talks with the federal government to make an exception for the Churchill area and impose a 25m regulation instead.


Provincial road 391 getting some upgrades

The Manitoba government is investing over $400,000 in road and bridge upgrades in the North.


Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Ron Kostychyn made the announcement yesterday. He said the north is critical to the health of the Manitoba economy and that the investments will ensure businesses and municipalities can continue to grow and prosper.


Approved projects include grading provincial road 391 from Thompson to Suwanee River, and structure rehabilitation on 391 at Burntwood river.



Thompson approved for Urban Aboriginal Strategy fund

Thompson has been approved for federal funding which will address barriers faced by Aboriginal people.


The $268,264 fund will be used to help bring governments, Aboriginal organizations, and key partners together, to address the needs of urban Aboriginal people in the region. 


Mayor Dennis Fenske says the fund will allow the City and partners to build upon the success of the Thompson Aboriginal Accord and the Thompson Economic Diversification Working Group planning documents.


Syphilis cases on the rise in Thompson

The Northern Health Region is seeing an increase in cases of Syphilis.


Dr. Michael Isaac says usually the City will see 1 or 2 cases of the sexually transmitted disease a year. In the last 6 months, they have already seen 10.


Dr. Isaac tells us that syphilis is new to the north because we haven't seen it in a while, so the NRHA is trying to update staff on what it looks like and what to do about it. They are also doing outreach in the community by going to different places like the homeless shelter to do some education.


Social media may be playing a role in the rise of cases. Isaac says people hooking up through apps like tinder and grinder make it hard for public health to follow up on individuals who may have contracted the disease. 


Syphilis usually appears in the form of an open sore 3 days to 3 months after exposure.


Isaac is recommending people who have had sex with anonymous or casual partners to get tested.




Elementary schools learning the Northern way of life during Mini-Winterfest

The City’s Winterfest may have come and gone, but the elementary school’s mini-Winterfest is in full swing.


Loretta Dykun with the School District of Mystery Lake says part of the event is a competition. For half the day, the students compete in activites like snow-shoe racing, nail pounding, moose calling, and goose calling.


During the rest of the day students go to different work shops. Presentors teach story telling, trap setting, pelican making, traditional beading and crafts.


Mini-winterfest has been going on in the School District for about 10 years


Throughout March each elementary school participates in the activities on a different day. Today, Ecole Riverside School is joining in on the fun.


Thompson MMF receives funding from federal government

The federal government is providing funding that will improve the accessibility of people with disabilities in Thompson.


The Manitoba Metis Federation in Thompson is receiving $19,000, that will be used for the construction of a ramp and railing at the Federation’s building.


The funds come from the country’s Enabling Accessibility Fund. Since 2007, it’s funded over 1,8000 projects which help Canadians get better access to facilities, programs, and services.


Manitoba Poison Centre educating the public during Poison Prevention Week

This week is Poison Prevention Week.


Heather Hudson with the Manitoba Poison Centre says kids aren’t the only ones at risk of accidental poisoning. She says adults are just as much at risk except our risk factors change. Its not that we're putting things in our mouth to explore our environment, its more of accidentaly digesting somehting because we've mistaken it for something else.


Hudson says pill organizers can help prevent accidental poisoning. She also urges adults to correctly label containers that are being re-used for the storage of left over liquids.


Hudson reminds people to call 1-855-7POISON if someone has been exposed to a toxic substance.


Thousands raised in Thompson during Heart Month

60 people braved the cold last month to raise money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.


The volunteers canvassed Thompson during Heart month. Thompson Coordinator Al Meston says this year was slow compared to other years beause of the cold. He adds that there has been a decline in donations over the years. 


Meston is currently tallying up donations received in February. So far he’s at $9,000. He’s hoping to reach last year’s mark of $14,000.


He encourages people who weren’t visited by a volunteer, to donate online.


Thompson Trailbreakers close snowmobile trails

The warmer weather has dampened the snowmobile season. 


As of Monday the Thompson Trailbreakers officially closed the snowmobile trails.


Club Treasurer Perry Oxford says the snowmobile season started a little later than usual, but otherwise it was a great season.


He adds that snowmobiler’s are still able to ride, but need to be cautious, as the trails are not being maintained anymore.


Thompson high school student awarded Student Citizenship Award

An RD Parker student who’s been helping the less fortunate in the City is being recognized by the Manitoba School Board Association.


Owen Settee has won the Student Citizenship Award for our region, and is one of six finalists up for the George Harbottle Award. 


He says it feels really great to be awarded and that his hard work is paying off.


Owen has been helping the City's homeless for a number of year's. Recently he raised over $400 for a 78-year-old man who lost his house in a fire.


The Student Citizenship Award recognizes outstanding students throughout the province.


Owen is off to Winnipeg tomorrow to receive his award. He's looking forhelp with financing his trip.


You can find out about his efforts on his facebook page, Owen’s Initiative.


Mushers gathered in Northern Manitoba for unique dog sled race

Churchill was the finish line for a dog sled race so challenging even those that come in last get rewarded.


13 mushers from all over North America competed in this year’s Hudson Bay Quest.


Committee Chairman Bill Dingwall tells us the quest is a self sufficient race, 220 miles long from, Gillam to Churchill.


Dingwall says its one of the only self sufficient races in North America where the musher has to get from Churchill to Gillam or Gillam to Churchill on his own, without assistance at any point.


The race takes days to complete, with this year’s first place finisher, Martin Massicotte, making it in at over 32 hours.


Thompson RCMP make drug trafficking arrests

On March 10, Thompson RCMP executed a search warrant at a Thompson hotel. 


RCMP seized marihuana, cocaine, cell phones, scales, and a significant amount of cash.


46-year-old Gregory Dick and 21-year-old Shayla Kitchekeesik have been charged with possession of marijuana and cocaine for the purpose of trafficking in addition to other charges.


They’re released until their next court date on March 27.


City disappointed with Greyhound cuts

The City is expressing concerns over Greyhound's decision to cut services.


The transportation provider recently made the decision to no longer offer service between Thompson and Winnipeg during the day.


Mayor Denis Fenske says they're questioning the numbers. He says he understand it’s a business, but in the same sense there is a certain obligation to provide transportation to those that don’t have access or means of their own.


The City is planning to write a formal letter to Greyhound to ensure northerners have access to the south in the future.


City accepting nominations for Thompson Volunteer of the Year Award

The City is recognizing the efforts of volunteers.


They’re looking for nominations for the Thompson Volunteer of the Year Award. They’re looking for someone who has dedicated their time and gone beyond the call of duty to make Thompson a better place.


Organizations can get a nomination package by calling the TRCC at 677-7952.


The winner will be announced during the City’s Volunteer Reception in April. 


Thompson resident trying to start MADD chapter in the City

Efforts are underway to start a Mothers Against Drunk Driving chapter in Thompson.


Community Leader Adrienne Burton tells us why she wants to see the charitable organization in the city: "I really think its a necessary presence in our community. Just within the past 5 or 6 years there have been multiple fatal drunk driving accidents here in town and around town and just affecting so many of our community members".


Burton has set up a facebook page to find volunteers for events in the coming months.


Thompson had a Mothers Against Drunk Driving chapter several years ago, but it disbanded when organizers moved out of the city.


Second ever MERN North Forum happening today

Researchers and educators are getting together today for the Manitoba Education Research Network North Forum.


Held in Thompson for the first time, Dean of Education for UCN, David Williamson, tells us about the event: "It’s a consortium between 4 deans of education, our partners in the school division, so we have representatives of the Manitoba association of school superintendents, and school trustees. We run a schedule where we do seminars and presentations, so it’s a chance to showcase what’s happening in education in northern Manitoba".


Williamson says educators will explore topics like land based education and how curriculums are being developed in the North.


Tom Cochrane confirmed as this years Nickel Days headliner

Life is a highway and Tom Cochrane is coming our way.


The Lynn Lake born musician is confirmed as this year’s summer social headliner on June 20th during Nickel Days. He is best known for his hit song "Life is a Highway".


This won’t be his first time in Thompson though, Cochrane has been the headliner for Nickel Days already once before.

Organizers say tickets will be available in May.


Nickel Days is an annual weekend event in Thompson that celebrates the start of summer. Past headliners include Trooper, Kim Mitchell, and The Trews.  


Manitoba Association of Parent Councils hosting event in Thompson tonight

Parents, teachers, and volunteers in the community are gathering today at an event hosted by the Manitoba Association of Parent Councils.


Director for Mystery Lake School Division, Nina Van Drunen tells us why it’s open to anyone in the public, "Thompson is very enmeshed betweeen school and community. Theres a lot of people who are involved in our communities but not necessarily on a parent council- they just wanna help the kids, so in any way that we can promote volunteering, within our schools, within our kids, we're promoting self esteem, good feelings, and getting our kids involved". 


The event will focus on recruiting and retaining volunteers.


It’s happening at the TRCC later today from 6:30-9:30. It’s $5 to attend.


Thompson Tumblers host invitational meet for the first time

The Thompson Tumblers hosted a Northern Lights Invitational meet this past weekend.


The non-profit gymnastics club, which has been around in Thompson since 1978, never hosted a competition before. 


President Eloria Gaudet says the gymnasts trained very hard, and did really well at the meet. Gaudet says having a new facility has improved their club, and improved their chances for competition, as the athletes get more time on equipment.


The next event for the Tumblers is their club mini meet, happening March 21.  



Steve Ashton shifts focus to continuing work as Thompson MLA

After losing in the NDP leadership convention, Thompson MLA Steve Ashton says he is looking to the future.


He says he plans to continue working on key issues for Thompson such as development of roads in the North and expanding training opportunities at UCN.


Ashton says he is still very committed to Thompson, and has plans to run in the next provincial election.



New partnership will see Thompson originated programs, expanded into other provinces

Vale is increasing its support for Skills Canada.  


The sponsorship will introduce new programs in Thompson that aim to increase awareness of careers in the trades.


Ryan Land with Vale, says one new program is the Northern in School Liason Program.


Land says the program is delivered by Thompson's own, Alyssa Harman, who's a coordinator with Skills Canada Manitoba. She'll be going into schools throughout northern Manitoba, and give presenations about trades and technology related careers. 


Vale and Skills Canada Manitoba have already been working together for a number of years on various programs in Thompson, but this new agreement will enhance the partnership and expand it into Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador.


RCMP dive into icy waters

A hole in the northern ice, turned into a classroom for 12 members of the Manitoba RCMP.


On March 5 and 6, the members dipped into the icy waters of Paint Lake to learn how to save others- and themselves- if ever needed.


Some of the officers were wearing "everyday clothing" and entered the water without a dry suit in order to gain the experience an understanding of what is required in order to protect those that they serve and themselves.


Each officer is now a certified Ice Rescue Technician (IRT). RCMP "D" Division now has approximately 35 IRTs in the province, with the majority posted in northern Manitoba.


Thompson Lions Club member receives third highest international award

A long time member of the Thompson Lions Club has been recognized by the International President.


Nick Di Virgilio was given the Distinguished Leadership Award last week. He’s been given the award for his numerous efforts in the city to fundraise and help people in need.


The award is the third highest international award given by Joe Preston, International President of Lions Club.   


Di Virgilio, who has been involved with Lions Club in Thompson for close to 40 years, says it’s great to receive the award.


Churchill MP Niki Ashton says federal government needs to listen to First Nations

Churchill MP Niki Ashton says the fire on a Saskatchewan reserve should not be happening in a country as wealthy as Canada.


She says the federal government is chronically underfunding First Nations in fire services, housing, and other areas of life. 


She says "in Manitoba there are partnerships between first nations and  non-first nations communities to address emergencies as they take place. The same doesn’t exist in Saskatchewan and part of it is that neighbours should find ways to work together, but the federal government should also be part of supporting these kinds of agreements the way they do in Manitoba".


Ashton says its time for the federal government to step up and take leadership.


Efforts underway to save Thompson Multicultural Centre building

Newcomers to Canada living in Thompson might not have a building to gather in anymore.


President of the Thompson Citizenship Council Peter Aarionla says the Thompson Multicultural Centre is at risk of losing their building due to overdue taxes.


Aarionala is reaching out to the public for help. They have a Go Fund Me account setup to accept donations. There is more information on their facebook page.


Thompson teacher heading to Uganda for second time

A once in a lifetime experience has repeated itself for a local school teacher.


R.D. Parker teacher, Susannah Mueller, will return to Uganda this year with Project Overseas.


Mueller says during her last trip there, she helped with the professional development of the teachers in the country. They covered areas like literacy, numeracy, physical education, ESL, and class management.


For more on Mueller's trip and Project Overseas, listen to Thompson Today at 12:40 and 5:10 this afternoon.  




Rogers Hometown Hockey puts Thompson on national television

Rogers Hometown Hockey visited the City this past weekend providing no shortage of things to do.


Event highlights included Ron MacLean’s presence in the City. Many had a chance to meet and chat with the hockey broadcaster. He hosted his pre-game show last night from the City, putting Thompson and its residents on national television.


The event attracted thousands of people to the TRCC.


The Hometown Hockey tour is now off to Regina, Saskatchewan for their next stop.


Canada Post enforces small apartment delivery policy in Thompson

A number of residents in Thompson got an unpleasant surprise last week.


Canada Post gave the residents notifications that their mail would not be delivered to their apartments until their landlords comply with Canada Post policies.


Eugene Knapik with Canada Post says their policies require small apartments to have a black box containing the apartment key, installed outside. This is so mail carries aren’t looking after multiple apartment building keys. 


Landlords in the city say they were blindsided by the abrupt halt of delivery, but many say they plan to comply while others want to discuss the issue further with Canada Post.


Rogers Hometown Hockey hits Thompson this weekend

One of the biggest names in Canadian hockey is visiting Thompson.


Ron Mclean and The Rogers Hometown Hockey crew are finally visiting this weekend.


Ron McLean says residents can expect a whole combination of giveaways, and reminds people that everything is free. He says it's going to be a great thing for a family to do.


On Sunday the Flames take on the Senators. Leading up to the game, Ron McLean will be hosting his pre-game show live, from the Sportsnet Mobile Broadcast Studio at the TRCC.


A full list of events happening this weekend can be found on social media or at



International Women's Day being celebrated in Thompson this weekend

International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women.


Celebrated every year on March 8th events take place all over the world to mark the occasion.


Angel Anderson with YWCA Thompson YWCA reps will be at the TRCC on Sunday from 1-4 pm providing people with information about International Women’s Day.


Anderson says they will also be accepting female friendly items such as shampoo, bras, and coats for their Women’s Centre.  


Thompson celebrates Winter in the north with Winterfest this weekend

Winterfest is one of the highlights of Winter here in Thompson.


With the festival falling on one weekend this year, there will be a lot to do.


Organizer Darlene Dick says there will be childrens entertainers Opera Mouse and Bubbleman. There will also be fireworks and a bonfire on the Saturday.



Events will be this weekend at the TRCC, coinciding with Rogers Hometown Hockey.


You can get a full list of events and times at



Home Routes March circuit is finding its way to Thompson this week

Folk performer Ben Sures is making his way to Thompson this weekend.


The 4 time Edmonton Music Award Nominee is a folk, roots, and blues singer songwriter and guitar player.


He’ll be taking centre stage at Paint Lake Saturday night at 7:30pm. Tickets are $20 at the door. For more information call Debbie at 677-9671.


The Home Routes Concert Series brings live music to rural communities, while giving exposure to up and coming musicians.


Thompson hockey team gets the surprise of a lifetime

This year’s Munn Cup winners got a special surprise.


Before they hit the ice for their practice yesterday, The Thompson AA King Miners came face to face with the Stanley Cup.


Scotiabank has been surprising local hockey teams across Canada as part of their continued commitment to kids’ community hockey.


The young hockey players were excited as they got to touch the Stanley cup, and read all the names engraved.



First ever point-in-time homelessness survey being conducted in Thompson

The University of Manitoba and UCN are doing a point-in-time count in Thompson today.


Professor Maureen Simpkins with UCN says the data is used to help determine the extent of homelessness in a community at a single point-in-time.


Simpkins says the data is important because it will give basic data on the number of people who consider themselves homeless including their age, gender, and where they're from.


Data collected from the survey can help the City build a local strategy to end homelessness.




Manitoba Human Rights Commission coming to Thompson next week

The Manitoba Human Rights Commission is teaching children in a fun way.


They’ll be in Thompson next week, putting on a Rights Rally to Gr.8 students. Human Rights Officer, Pam Roberts says the students will learn about their rights in Manitoba, and the responsibilities they have to ensure that other people’s rights are also protected.


While in Thompson, the Human Rights Commission will also be hosting a human rights seminar. The seminar is happening March 9 from 8:30am-11:30am. It’s open to employers, supervisors, managers, and those working in HR. You can register at 204-726-6262.


Learn more about the events the Human Rights Commission is running, this afternoon at 12:40 and 5:10 during Thompson Today.


Thompson Humane Society raises $28,000 at Woofstock

Pet lovers and music lovers united together over the weekend for Woofstock.


The concert featured a number of local bands with money from tickets sales and fundraising going towards the Thompson Humane Society.  

Oswald Sawh, Thompson Human Society President says the event was a sell-out with over 400 people in attendance and around $28,000 raised in total.


Sawh says the board hasn’t decided how to use the money, but there are plans to put some towards vaccination costs, and the rest towards their new building.


RDPC Students get rare opportunity to shadow scientists at University of Manitoba

Getting a university experience before actually starting university is a challenge, but for four Gr. 11 RD Parker students, it’s a reality.


The students are being awarded the Verna Kirkness award, which gives Gr.11 students the opportunity to spend a week at a University, shadowing a scientist in a specific area of research. Hundreds of students across Canada applied for the award and only 46 were selected.


The students from Thompson have been placed in Entomology, Kinesiology, Mechanical Engineering, and Medical Microbiology.


The students say they are excited to have been chosen, and are hoping the experience will help them decide what they want to pursue after high school.


The students will be down south for the all-expense paid program, from June 1-5.


NHL players will be hitting the ice in Thompson this weekend

The grand opening of the wall of fame is this weekend.


In addition to a hockey game featuring former NHL players, organizer Glenn Laycock says they will also be inducting a Thompson athlete, Jennifer Saunders.


Saunders was born and raised in Thompson and is a 7 times Canadian champion, and was once ranked 7th in the world.


The event is on Saturday at 8pm, and is in conjunction with Rogers Hometown Hockey and Winterfest. Tickets are $7 to attend, and can be bought at the TRCC. Children under 6 are free.


Family Foods gives cheques to 3,000 customers

With food costs on the rise, it’s nice to get a little something back.


This weekend, Family Foods did just that. Shoppers who are signed up with the grocery store’s loyalty program have their purchases tracked and when the year ends, they get 2% of the money they spent back.


On Saturday they gave out $93,000 to their customers for their purchases in 2014.


Manager Pearl Roberts says customers were excited to get their cheques. They also gave out gift certificates and had hourly draws throughout the day.


McDonald's owner calling on city council to take action against city's social issues

Thompson business owners are facing challenges due to the City’s social issues and McDonald’s owner wants city council to do something about it.


Brett O’Meara says the City appears to have made public intoxication, vandalism, trespassing, and littering acceptable.


O’Meara says he loses customers because these social issues reflect poorly on his business. He acknowledges successes in recent programs, but wants council to take a zero-tolerance policy on the issue.


Mayor Dennis Fenske says the City has seen improvements in the last 5 years, and believes the City is moving in the right direction.


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