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The Thompson Local News Archives for 2014-10

RCMP Remind Trick or Treaters about Halloween Safety

The RCMP have a few tips to keep Halloween from being too scary.   Constable Lisa Wowchuck shares them here.


"The most important thing is to go from house to house and bring the candy back to your home or whoever you're staying with .  Make sure that an adult goes through the candy to make sure none of the packages are opened or anything like that."


For drivers, Wowchuk has these extra words of caution.


"Being a driver, if  you're going to be out on the roads, just be safe.  Be careful.  Drive a little bit slower than normal.  Kids have a habit, even though we talk about it constantly  - "look both ways before crossing the street" - kids, being excited, might dart out between vehicles."


Trick or treaters are also being reminded to wear reflective materials, carry a flashlight and only visit well-lit houses.


Justice Minister addressed Citizens on Patrol Program guests last night

Justice Minister Andrew Swan was in Thompson last night as the guest speaker at a gathering for Citizens on Patrol.   He shares here how the group can reduce crime.

"Having Citizens on Patrol volunteers out, they're extra eyes and ears for the RCMP here in Thompson.  By them being out doing their patrols,   they're actually  reducing what I would call "disorganized crime."    Things like break and enters where people smash cars because they see that there's some chance to steal a car or steal something from inside it.   The unorganized, random kind of  things that make people frustrated."  

The Citizens on Patrol Program has been active in Thompson for many years.   And while crime prevention and reduction are  main focuses of the group,  Swan says there's an element of safety, too.

"I know many groups across the province use reader boards supplied by MPI where there's a school. That's even more important with the new speed limits.   They can actually have the reader boards and encourage people to slow down and make things safer for our children.  A lot of it is safety-based and the best part is that this is not top down.    It's  community members who are stepping up to make this a safer community."


Manitoba Citizens on Patrol Program is co-ordinated through Manitoba Public Insurance and  supported by law enforcement agencies throughout the province.

Citizens on Patrol in Thompson can always use more volunteers.   If  you have a couple hours a month that you can donate to the program,  call 204-679-2932.    Or go to the web-site at


Two New Judges being sworn-in in today in Thompson

Justice Minister Andrew Swan is in Thompson today for the swearing in of two northern Manitoba Judges.   Swan comments here about the two new appointees.


"Miss Catherine Hembroff is a crown attorney who practiced most of her career in The Pas.   And, of course,  Alain Huberdeau is  very, very well-respected in the Thompson community.   Alain was actually given a special award by the Manitoba Bar Association which represents 1400 lawyers in the province.  He got a special award last year for his community involvement."


Hembroff received her law degree from the University of Manitoba in 1996 and Huberdeau received his in 1998 form the University of Moncton.  


The ceremony will take place today at 11:30 in courtroom A of the Thompson Courtroom located in the Provincial Building. 


We Scare Hunger collects food for the Salvation Army

Residents might want to have a little more than just candy to give out to trick or treaters tomorrow night.


R.D. Parker teacher Amy Ricketts told us about "We Scare Hunger",  which students from the school's social justice group H-3 will be participating in.


"We Scare Hunger is an initiative through Free the Children where the H-3 students, instead of trick or treating for candy,  go around town and they trick or treat for non-perishable food items.   Those non-perishable food items are then donated to    the Salvation Army Food Bank in Thompson."


Ricketts also tells us what types of  items the students will be collecting.


"Whatever you would like to donate we accept.   Canned goods, boxed soups, tea bags, toiletries, jams, jellies, peanut butter.   Anything like that that is non-perishable."


Students collecting items for We Scare Hunger will have a card to indicate they are participating in the initiative.


Boys and Girls Club host a Haunted House

If you’re looking to get spooked out this Halloween, the Boys and Girls Club of Thompson is waiting for you.


For the third year in a row, the club will be setting up a haunted house at 365 Thompson Drive. After School Director, Christa Herkert,  told us how people can get in.


"We will take donations, just because it does cost money to put this on.  We raised 350 dollars last year and hopefully we can get a little bit more this year."


The haunted house will be open today from 5 pm - 9 pm, and tomorrow from 5 pm - 11 pm. This year’s theme is based on the movie “Thirteen Ghosts”.




Free Driver's Training for low-income and unemployed adults in the north

The government and MPI will offer free driver education training in the north to low-income and unemployed adults.


The new program will be incorporated into existing job readiness training already underway in The Pas, Flin Flon and Thompson.   Participants will receive 16 hours of in-class instruction and 8 hours of in-car instruction with a professionally trained instructor.  


The program is expected to help close to 100 northern Manitobans get their driver's licence and help them access more employment opportunities.   Classes will begin on November 26th. 


In making the announcement yesterday in Flin Flon, Premier Greg Selinger said that having  a driver's licence can dramatically expand job opportunities.   This is especially so in northern Manitoba where driving longer distances to get to a job is often the case.


It's estimated that over 43 per cent of eligible drivers in Northern Manitoba don't have a licence.  


Selinger Plans to Stay on as NDP leader

Greg Selinger is promising to stay on as Manitoba premier despite open challenges from some of his senior cabinet ministers.


Selinger says he wants to continue his work, run for re-election in 2016, and may remove some of the rebels from cabinet.


"There have been some folks that recommended that I take a serious look at my future role, and some of them are cabinet ministers.   I have had a conversation with those folks today and I said that we have to focus our energy on the priorities of Manitobans.  That's where we need to be putting our efforts as cabinet ministers and caucus members."


But a political analyst says the situation is a mess and it will take all of the Premier's skills to survive politically.   Professor Paul Thomas at the University of Manitoba says the public infighting will damage the NDP brand. The revolt started earlier this week when some senior cabinet ministers said Selinger should think about whether to resign or not.


First Northern Health Summit held in Thompson

The first Northern Health Summit was held in Thompson on Tuesday.   Helga Bryant, CEO of the Northern Health Region,  shares why the Board of Directors felt the summit was needed.


"They wanted to identify priority partnership opportunities and where we can leverage and better develop relationships with various communities and organizations, and then to prioritize future issues that the Board can then consider dialogue on and create some action steps."


In sessions throughout the day, Bryant says the topic of chronic disease was raised along with others.


"Mental health issues were noted both in the morning, which was more dealing with adult health, but that was really raised in the afternoon with children and youth.  There was a youth survey that was reviewed that talked about kids feeling safe at school.  Or are they bullied?  Do they have friends?"

Around 120 attendees, including business people, educators and health care providers identified our youth as a priortiy to achieve better health outcomes.  Bryant shares some of their thoughts here. 


"Investing in our youth and children.  They're the future of the north.   Keeping them in school.  Keeping them engaged with their families.  We heard that over and over again, about bringing families back together.   I was quite overcome  with that sense of family and community and how important that was to health." 


Bryant says the summit is expected to become an annual event.  She added that she's been challenged to double the attendance for next year's event.


Red Cross is looking for Volunteers in Northern Manitoba

The Canadian Red Cross is looking for volunteers in Thompson.


Northern Manitoba Disaster Manager, Cherlyn Cain , tells us what the volunteers are needed for.


"We would have a team on call for a period of one to two weeks to help if there happens to be a house fire or personal flooding or if a tornado happened to touch down on one house.  Those types of things."


"That team would go to the personal disaster and they would meet with the family if possible and assess what their immediate needs are."


The volunteers would be part of the new Personal Disaster Assistance team. Interested individuals should call Cherlyn at 204-620-2329.


School Zone Speed Limit Survey on City's website


Residents have the opportunity to voice their opinion about the new school zone speed limits.


The Public Safety Committee has released a survey about the school speed limits, and are asking people for their input. The City's Communications Officer, Dawn Sands,  told us why the survey was released.

"At the council meeting on September 9th there was a presentation from the community regarding the new school zone by-law.  From that meeting Council directed the Public Safety Committee to go back and do a review of the by-law.   Now the Public Safety Committee thought that doing a survey would be a really good opportunity for the residents."


Sands also told us why the survey focuses on the school zone in front of  R.D. Parker Collegiate.


"Based on the feedback we have received so far, before we put out the survey,  people acknowledged that there is a difference between elementary schools and high schools."


The results from the survey will be reviewed at the Public Safety Committee’s next meeting. Residents have until Friday, October 30th  to fill out the survey which can be found on the city’s website at



Drag the Red Movie Fund raiser takes place tonight

Drag the red volunteer efforts will be starting up again next spring in Winnipeg, but funds for the efforts are going to be raised today at 6:30. R.D. Parker student Brittany Spence has organized a movie night at the school's Letkemann Theatre. 


The event is free to attend.    However,  donations will be collected, and if you wear your costume you will get thrown into a draw for a $10 gift card. The movie being shown will be the thriller “Mama”.



R.D. Parker H-3 group heads to WE day in Winnipeg

It’s an exciting day for a group of students from R.D. Parker Collegiate.  The students,  who are part of the school’s social justice group H3 (Hands Heart, and Hope), are heading  to Winnpeg to attend WE Day. Amy Ricketts, one of the teachers involved with the social justice group told us more.


"WE day is an annual event.   It's almost like a stadium concert where there are speakers, musicians, performers.    And they're promoting making the world a better place.    WE day is founded through Free the Children."


In addition to WE day, some students will be attending the Evening of Champions, which is an invite-only event, in honour of the work the students have done in our community.     Some of that work  includes donating 1362 pounds of food to Thompson’s Salvation Army food bank, and donating over $8000 to help build schools in Africa.


The students will be leaving today for Winnipeg, in time for the event tomorrow.




E-Waste Disposal ends tomorrow for 2014

Tomorrow is the last you can get rid of your electronic waste for the year. Wayne Koversky is reminding Thompson residents what they can dispose of.


"Just a reminder of what they can bring is microwave ovens, telephones, stereo systems, DVDs, computers, monitors, general items that are used for electronic usage for entertainment."


E-waste can be dropped off at the Public Works Yard, 120 Seal Road from 8 am - 4 pm. During this year’s season, 6 semi-loads of e-waste have been shipped off to Winnipeg so far.





Election Results are in

The elections wrapped up last night, and Thompson has woken up with a new mayor.


Dennis Fenske won with 67.93% of the votes,  beating Luke Robinson for the top job in Thompson city council. Along with the new mayor, residents have chosen:


Colleen Smook, Penny Byer, Kathy Valentino, Judy Kolada, Ron Matechuk, Blake Ellis, Dennis Foley, and Duncan Wong to serve as their city council members.


Elected school trustees are Ryan Land, Leslie Tucker, Guido Oliviera, Elizabeth Lychuk, Sandra Fitzpatrick, Janet Brandy, and Don MacDonald.


Voter turnout was at a low 33.14%.  The election in 2010 had a 40 per cent turnout.


The first  meeting for the new members of council will take place on November 3rd, with the swearing in of the Mayor and council members.



Thompson Chamber of Commerce signs Memorandum of Understandng with Aboriginal Chamber


The Thomson Chamber of Commerce signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce yesterday. Oswald Sawh, President of the Thompson Chamber of Commerce explained the significance of the signing.


"The main thing is that it's a formal partnership between the Thompson Chamber of Commerce and the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce.  We're both on the same page that we want to increase aboriginal participation in the Chamber movement."


The General Manager of the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce, Gloria Spence told us more.


"It's going to mean an increase in our membership, but not only our membership, but Thompson's membership as well.   It's also going to strengthen the business relationship between the north and the south."


Sawh also talked about getting aboriginal youth involved.


"Businesses are the ones who drive the economies.  They're the ones who create the jobs and so on.  So we want to make sure that when we talk to young people we talk about what are the positive options for them if they do want to go into business for themselves.  What are the benefits of that."


The two chambers have been working on the partnership for over a year, and hope that it will benefit Thompson’s local economy.



Elder Abuse Workshop to be held

Elder abuse has been on the rise nation wide. That is why the Seniors and Healthy Aging Secretariat, the NRHA Home Care, and Thompson Seniors Resource Council are hosting a workshop for seniors on October 29th.   Resource Coordinater for the Thompson Seniors Resource Council, Pam Antilla,  told us more about the event.


"It is a workshop on bullying to try and create a respectful community and it's about understanding bullying behaviour and we'll provide educational resources."


The last day to register is today, call Pam Antilla at 204-778-1597 to save a spot.





Get Essential Skills training at Steps to Success at YWCA

Steps to Success.  In this case, the name really means what it says.    Cat Cogle, Co- ordinator of the program at the YWCA, explains some of its benefits.

 "We're a very flexible program so we will work around the individual's schedule.  People that are  working, or if they have children at home, we can work around whatever they have going on in their lives.     So you don't have to come everyday 9 to 3:30.   You can come in for an hour during lunch.   You can come in half a hour first thing in the morning."

Steps to Success is an adult literacy and Workplace Essentials Skills Training program.  They offer free training to adults in and around Thompson.  Sometimes employers need specific skills that their employees might not have.  That's where Steps to Success can provide the necessary  training,  Cogle says.

 "We've actually worked with some of the businesses in town to do workshops with their workers on things like customer service, telephone answering skills, positive attitudes in the workplace.   Sometimes we'll have businesses refer an individual and sometimes they're referring a group."

Cogle says they have even designed training programs in response to specific requests from employers and their workers.   To see what kind of training is available call Cat at 677-5016 or drop by the YWCA.


City Adopts Swimwear Policy for the Norplex Pool

Monday marked the last meeting for the outgoing Mayor and City Council,  but that did not stop them from getting work done.


Council passed a motion which regulates what swimmers at Norplex Pool can wear. John Burrows, Director of Recreation, Parks, and Culture explained why the change was made.


"There are always questions from patrons about what they can wear and what they can't wear.  This specifies what is permissable and clears up the grey area for everyone."


In determining what type of swim wear was approved and which was not, it was stated that bathing suits and clothing with lycra were acceptable.   Cut-off jeans and cotton T-shirts were those items not approved because they become heavy when soaked with water.  This could present a drowning hazard for a swimmer and the lifeguard who attempts to rescue them if they get in trouble.


Swim diapers are also a must for babies and young children who are still in diapers. 


Manitoba Hydro working on Street Light Issue

If you've noticed street lights not working around Thompson, you're not the only one.


The city has received several calls from worried residents about the lack of lights, but Wayne Koversky, Director of Public Works, says it's only temporary.   Manitoba Hydro is carrying out infrastructure renewal that should be complete soon.


"Manitoba Hydro is doing some infrastructure renewal this fall.    Basically what they're doing is pushing the cable from one street light location to another one to remediate some of the issues they've been dealing with for the past year."


This means ghosts and ghouls who are trick or treating should be seen clearly by drivers on Halloween.   In the meanwhile, take extra precaution around the city when it's dark.


Salvation Army needs your help now

The Salvation Army helps those in need.   Now they need Thompson's help.   Roy Bladen with the Salvation Army explains.

"The Food Bank has been very busy the last few months and our inventory has gone down considerably.    We are having difficulty keeping the Food Bank stocked.   There are three items we can never, ever get enough of, and that is juices, cereals and peanut butter.   Pasta sauce would probably be in fourth place."

Bladen says around 25 families and individuals use the Food Bank weekly.  The upcoming holiday season will put a bigger strain on resources. 

The Salvation Army also provides an extra helping hand in Thompson, especially during the Christmas season.   Bladen, advises us about some changes.  

"Well, this year we're going to be doing things a little bit different for Christmas.  Our hampers will be a gift voucher for Family Foods for the value of $50.    And we will be distributing those probably about the beginning of December and they will be valued until January 7th.    And then we'll also be distributing our toys from the church location on Wednesday, December 17th."

Applications for hampers and toys will be available only at the Salvation Army office starting November 1st.   

The Salvation Army Christmas kettles are another big part of the season of giving.   Roy shares with us when they'll be out and where they'll be.  

"The exact date is Thursday, November the 20th.   There are going to be 5 locations.  There will be one at Walmart, one at Safeway, one at Family Foods, one at Shoppers Drug Mart and one at the Liquor Store.   History tells us that they're the busiest spots."

If you have an hour or two to spare, you can help out by manning a kettle.  To sign up call the Salvation Army office at 677-36-58.


Ebola Preparedness in Northern Manitoba

While there are no confirmed cases of Ebola in Canada, Manitoba Health says they are prepared in the unlikely event that a case presents itself.


Ingrid Olson, the Executive Director of Clinical Services and the Infection Prevention Control Designate for Ebola in Northern Manitoba, assures that if Health Sciences Centre determines that a person is an at-risk patient, then a protocol is in place.


"The intent is that we would immediately transport them to Winnipeg to be treated at Health Sciences Centre which is the designated treatment site for Manitoba."


Olson reminds the public that the only way to contract the disease is through direct contact with an infected person.   Anyone with questions or concerns is encouraged to call Health Links at 1-888-315-9257 or go to


Tickets Handed out in School Zones

Driver beware.  Since September, all of Thompson's school zones are posted at 30 kilometres an hour, 24 / 7.   Since the beginning of the school year, Thompson RCMP have issued 46 charges or warnings.   Sergeant Kevin Lewis commented on the speed limit change.


"The City did enact the law to ensure the safety of pedestrians and students and the residents of the City of Thompson."


The speed limits are enforced throughout the year, including school holidays and summer break.


Advance Poll Today

A second advance poll takes place in Thompson today for the Municipal Election.

The first advance poll this past Monday received such a good response that the Senior Elections Officer called for another one.   It takes place today from 9 am to 4 pm at the foyer in City Hall.     Bring a piece of picture ID with you, along with a piece of ID that has your current address on it if you're not sure if you're on the voters list.  


Also, there's a reminder that mail-in ballots can be sent in to or brought by City Hall before 8 p.m. on Election Day, next Wednesday, October 22nd.

Election Day is less than a week away on Wednesday, October 22nd.



Thompson Chamber of Commerce to host Chief Clarence Louie

The Thompson Chamber of Commerce hosts a special guest next week.


To mark Northern Business Week they, along with the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce, are bringing in Chief Clarence Louie as keynote speaker for an event onThursday night.


Louie has been the Chief of the Osoyoos Indian Band in B.C. for over 20 years.  In that time he has emphasized economic development as a means to improve his band's standard of living.   Under his direction, the band now owns and manages 9 businesses and employs hundreds of people.


To hear his informational and inspirational message, get your ticket today.  They're available by calling 677-41-55 or drop by the Chamber office in the City Centre Mall.


Ebola Protection in Thompson

Ebola is unlikely to show up in Thompson, but plans have been made, just in case.

In a letter to staff of the Northern Health Region, CEO Helga Bryant indicated that the first order of business is to have the person transferred immediately to Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg.   For example, if a person contacted a northern hospital by phone, they would likely be transported directly from their home to the closest airport for LifeFlight transfer.   Health Sciences Centre is the only hospital in Manitoba designated as a testing and treatment site for Ebola.    

Plans have been developed at many levels throughout the region for EMS, clinical sites, Public Health, Infection Control, Emergency Departments and Nursing stations.  


Mike Bourgon of Thompson's Fire and EMS shares how they determine if a patient might have the virus.  

"The fever, accompanied with certain signs and symptoms including abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, unexplained bleeding.   If they do have the signs and symptoms associated with Ebola, then we find out if they're an at-risk patient.   We ask another series of questions such as whether or not they've travelled, whether they're a healthcare worker, of if they live with a healthcare worker, whether they live with someone who has been travelling or someone who is diagnosed with EVD."



Two Election Forums in Thompson Today

Today the candidates for Mayor and Council will get a workout.


First, Dennis Fenske and Luke Robinson will take part in the Mayoral Forum from 10 to noon live on the air at 102.9 CHTM.   There's still time to get your questions in for the candidates by emailing


And tonight the council candidates will be on hand to answer your questions starting at 6:30 at the Letkekmann Theatre.   Remember, Thompson goes to the polls next Wednesday.


Heroes of Mental Health Awards

These heroes don’t have capes or super powers.  That’s because they’re Heroes of Mental Health.


And they were honored last Friday by the Canadian Mental Health Association at a lunch here in Thompson.   It was held as Mental Illness Awareness Week wrapped up. 


Award winners were Mithi Kohlenberg in the Individual category, Kylie Matechuk of Mo Tus Nua Wellness in the Business Category and 102.9 CHTM’s Josh Cain in the Media category.  


The event recognizes the work done by individuals and organizations to support and encourage positive mental health. 



Diabetes Team meets today

Diabetes impacts many parts of a diabetic's life.


That's why you should meet your Diabetes Team today at the Thompson clinic.  The team is made up of a retinal screening nurse, foot care nurse and other diabetes instructors.    They'll be on hand to answer your questions about yoru diabetes and schedule future appointments.


Drop by to see them this afternoon starting at 1 p.m.    There's no appointment necessary.


Nor-Man Northstars Home-Opener is tomorrow

The Nor-Man Northstars play in their home-opener tomorrow night, kicking off the team's 30th season.    But it's not just about hockey for the players.   Kathy Valentino, P.R.  officer for the team explains.


 "We've kept them busy this last month.  They've done the Terry Fox Run, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, the bike rally.   We try to get them involved with minor hockey.  We really try to help them give back and teach them how to do that  and get into the community and representing  their own communities within the whole Nor-Man region, not just Thompson."

The players will be at Safeway tonight from 5 to 8  and tomorrow from 10 to 1 bagging groceries in return for donations. 



Chamber presents Elaine Palson from Futur-Preneur Canada

You’ve built a successful business but now it’s time to try something else.   There are steps to take ahead before you get set to walk out the door.  Elaine Palson of Future-Preneur Canada has some advice.


 “I also want to reinforce the importance of succession planning.  That's not a short-term process.  That can potentially take five to eight years.  So just helping these exisitng business owners understand that although they've worked really hard and they've planned and they've built these businesses, they also have to plan that exit strategy and succession.”


Future-Preneur Canada, formerly known as Canadian Youth Business Foundation, is a national non-profit organization that helps young people between 18 and 39 get started in business.  


And, if you’ve got a great business idea but you’re not sure how to get started,  Future-Preneur Canada has pre-launch support that can get your business off the ground.  Palson  outlines here the many forms that a start up can take.


 “If they’re starting from scratch, that would be a startup.  If they've been in business less than 12 months, we would still consider them in that startup phase.  If they've been operating a business part-time and are ready to ramp it up to a full-time operation, that would be a startup as well.    Purchase of an existing business or a franchise.  If you have found a young person that is interested in being that successor of your business, how we view that is  somewhat of a startup as well."


For help with business plans, financing and business resources, visit Future-Preneur at


NDP to announce national childcare program soon

There’s an urgent need for affordable childcare in Canada.  Churchill MP Niki Ashton says the NDP party has heard that message loud and clear.


Ashton said that in 2014 it’s unacceptable that many families have to pay as much for childcare as rent.   In their bid to come up with a national childcare program, the NDP launched consultations with parents, experts and community activists this summer.   The focus of those consultations are early childhood education and childcare.  


Ashton says that after 30 years of empty promises from the federal government the NDP will be the ones to announce details of a national childcare program in the coming weeks.



YWCA Assessment Centre can help with your future

If you’re looking for direction with your future plans, the Assessment Centre at the YWCA is a good start.    Jo-Anne White with the Centre explains how she can help.


"I work with adults who are either making career decisions or wanting to go back to school,  and sometimes people who are preparing for the G.E.D. exam.  I'm able to work with any adult in the Thompson area.   It doesn't matter what their education background is."


White says an assessment can run between 3 to 5 sessions long.  


"I'll ask them a little bit about their educational background, some of their work experience, things they want to do in their future.  Depending upon what they want to do next, we'll select other tools.  Either career decision-making tools, or if they're wanting to go back for upgrading, we'll do some academic testing."


After the assessment, White says she can direct the client depending on whether they want to pursue their education or upgrade their work skills.    If you’re interested in the services of the Assessment Centre, call Jo-Anne for an appointment at 778-1208 or drop by Room 111 at the YWCA. 




Flu Clinics are coming

You woke up feely achy, feverish and you seem more tired now than when you went to bed. 


Sounds like the flu. 


It’s that time of year and Carolyn McCusker, Immunization Coordinator with the Northern Health Region shares some of the other flu symptoms to watch for.


"Typical symptoms of the flu are high fever, severe headache, general aches and pains, fatigue and weakness lasting 2 to 3 weeks or more, a runny, stuffy nose, sore throat and chest discomfort and coughing.     The flu is different from a cold, mainly because the symptoms and complications are more severe.    It also may come on very suddenly."


One of the best ways to head off the flu is with an immunization.   If you’re not sure if you’ll bother with a flu shot, here are some things you should know about the flu virus first.


"The flu virus can survive for up to 48 hours on surfaces such as the telephone, computer keyboard, doorknob, countertops, coffeepot handles or toys.   Because you can't see, feel, smell or taste the flu virus, it is impossible for you to know when you have come into contact with it.  Flu symptoms can take one to seven days before they appear.  During this time, you are contagious to all of those around you and put your family, friends, co-workers and loved ones at risk of getting the flu."


The  flu vaccine protects against 3 influenza strains and lasts for up to 6 months after you receive it.    The first clinic in Thompson on Monday,  October 20th.  For the list of local clinics go to www dot NRHA dot ca.  










Mayoral Candidates forum tomorrow

There are just two weeks to the election.  Thompson residents will elect a new Mayor on October 22nd. 


And if you'd like to know where the candidates stand on issues involving you and the city, tomorrow night's your chance to get the heads up.  Thompson Toastmasters is hosting a Mayoral Forum on Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Letkemann Theatre.   Everyone is welcome.


Men are Part of the Solution cleaning along Burntwood River

Clean up of the debris along the Burntwood River is currently being tackled by a group of 10 workers from Men are Part of the Solution, or MAPS.


This is the third week of the clean up project that has seen roughly 100 piles of driftwood removed from the shoreline.


President of MAPS, Oswald Sawh, says they hope to have around two kilometres of the shoreline cleared up before the crew wraps up work for this year, likely around the end of October.   The clean up project is in partnership with Manitoba Hydro and the City of Thompson and is in its first year of a three-year commitment.


International Walk to School Day tomorrow

October is International Walk to School Month and tomorrow is Walk to School Day!  Bruce Krentz from the Northern Health Region says Thompson is ideal for the event.

"Thompson is perfectly set up as a planned community....They did design the whole community around the schools, so each neighborhood is built around a school, which is perfect for kids walking to school.   Really, if you're going to the school in your neighborhood, I don't think you have a really good reason not to walk to school."

If you can, tomorrow plan to leave the car at home and walk with the kids to school.   Those few minutes of time will get you some exercise, fresh air, and the chance to start the day with extra energy.




Warm Your Heart, Make a Scarf

Warm, fuzzy feelings are welcome when the winter weather hits.   Especially if it's a cosy scarf.  

Last year the Warm Your Heart, Make a Scarf project was launched in Thompson as a way to provide warm winter wear for people in need.    Scarves were knitted, crocheted and then donated by local crafters and hung throughout Anapowin Circle.  Within two hours all 72 scarves were gone.  

The project is continuing this year.  If you have any scarves, hats and mitts to donate they can be dropped off to Quality Inn and Suites.   Or if you'd prefer, you can drop off yarn or money to buy yarn, so that someone else can knit the scarves if you're not able to. 


Girl Guides are selling their mint cookies

The local Girl Guides hope to make a mint with their mint cookies.


The girls started Monday with selling cookies in the Riverside area.  Today the Sparks units will be in the Juniper and Westwood areas, then on Wednesday units will be in the Juniper and Deerwood areas. 


Please note the girls will only go to your front door for safety reasons.   If they miss you at home, the Girl Guides will be set up at various locations throughout the city to sell the cookies.     You can also call Marcia at 778-6537 or Nadine at 677-5160.


Cookies are just $5.


Dr. Rich receives key to the City of Thompson

Dr. Allan Rich received the key to the city at last night's city council meeting.

Dr. Rich was a popular recipient of the honor, with Mayor and council sharing stories of his unprecedented care and concern for them and their family members when they were his patients.   His almost 40 years of  dedication to his patients included late night visits to them while in hospital and, that almost unheard of service, house calls!  

Rich came to Thompson in 1972 as a student to work underground at INCO to pay his way through medical school.  He returned to Thompson after graduation and as has been dedicated to the community and his patients ever since.  

While stories of his care and concern for his patients were many, Mayor Johnston also acknowledged Rich's accomplishments as an Olympic-calibre Judo competitor who trained and coached Thompson students.   

If you see Dr. Rich, thank him for his service and congratulate him. 


The Burntwood Curling Club offers something old and new

Don't say there's nothing to do this winter!   The Burntwood Curling Club has something for everyone in the family.   Melanie Graham, Vice President of the Club talks here about the leagues available.

"Sunday is our Little Rocks Program,  ages are 6 through 8.   Monday we have  our free curling which runs from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.   Tuesday is our Ladies Night.  Wednesday is our Junior Program and that's from 5:30 to 6:30, followed by our Super League.   Thursday is our men's evening and Friday is our mixed draws."


On the first Monday of every month  the Burntwood Curling Club is also hosting an evening fish fry.   Guests are invited to enjoy deep fried pickerel, french fries, baked beans, buns, caesar salad, desserts, coffee or iced tea.  The cost is just $15 per adult, $10 per child 10 and under.  


All money raised at the fish fries will go toward the cost of the new ice plant.   Vale has offered to match the money raised by these monthly events in order to help with the ice plant. 

Curling action kicks off Thanksgiving weekend.   Check out their website at burntwood curling club dot ca for information on the leagues and other events.


Senior Elections Officer shares information on upcoming election

It's not just the candidates who are kept busy during the lead up to an election.  Dave Turpie, Senior Elections Officer for Thompson, explains what some of the duties of his position are.


"We're responsible for trying to tally all the votes that the community takes in for the municipal and sshool board election.  We have to set up the polls and make sure they're well-manned."


This year less help will be needed at the polls thanks to the new electronic voting system.   Thompson, along with Winnipeg and Brandon, is one of only three cities in the province that will use the system for this year's election.  


The system, which was cost-shared by the City of Thompson and the School District of Mystery Lake,  is also contracted for the 2018 municipal election.  Turpie says this eletronic system will make it easier and quicker to tabulate the results.   He hopes to have the final results as early as 9:30 on Election Day.


If  you'd like to see what the ballot looks like in advance of the election, go to the City's web-site at 


Provincial Government reports on Infrastructure Investments

The Manitoba Government released its first annual report Tuesday on the PST- supported five-year infrastructure plan.  In the 2013-14 fiscal year the PST increase created 190 million dollars in revenue, of which 115 million was rolled into government spending on infrastructure.  

Manitoba's Core Infrastructure Investments report shows that the province invested almost 850-million dollars in core infrastructure in 2013-14.   The Conference Board of Canada confirmed in an independent review that this expenditure had the spinoff of creating over 8-thousand jobs, boosting the economy by 1.1 billion dollars and increasing exports by 586-million dollars.

At the same time the government announced the creation of a new Infrastructure Innovations  Council.  It's a joint endeavour by the province and the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association.  

Chris Lorenc, President of the MHCA, says the council will help position Manitoba as Canada's centre of excellence for innovation, design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation in core infrastructure.   

Its task will be to make sure the industry is ramping up so that large-scale infrastructure projects can be completed efficiently and that construction deadlines are met.   The province is funneling 5.5 billion dollars into improving Manitoba's infrastructure over the next 5 years.    



School Board Trustee Candidates' Forum tomorrow night

Four incumbents are hoping to return to the School Board after this fall's election, but they're being challenged by 7 newcomers.

Your chance to see where they stand on various topics surrounding the School District of Mystery Lake, its administration, teachers and students is tonight.   The Thompson Teachers Association is hosting a candidates forum at the Letkemann Theatre starting at 7.     Come out to meet the candidates before we head to the polls on October 22nd.


Darlene Beck wins 2014 Volunteerism Award

Darlene Beck from Cross Lake has received the 2014 Community Futures award for volunteerism.

Beck was instrumental in establishing Community Futures Development Corporation 18 years ago and continues to play an active role in North Central Development.    She is currently the Treasurer for the 2014-15 year.   

Beck has been very active in her community, volunteering as the fire chief,  advocating for the Cross Lake Cadet Program, and was involved in the incorporation of Cross Lake. 


October is Canadian Library Month

"Libraries Inspire" is this year's theme for Canadian Library Month, running throughout October.  

Your local library has worked hard to inspire readers of all ages throughout the year, too.   With story time for kids, skype chats with authors, Summer Reading programs and more, the Thompson Public Library is constantly looking to improve their services.

If you haven't been by the Library lately, now's the perfect time to stop in and give your library card a workout.


Petition to extend Paint Lake Provincial Park camping season

If you're in favor of extending the camping season at Paint Lake Provincial Park, there's an on-line petition to sign.

Thompson resident Randy Kajtar (Ka-tarr) started a Care2 petition he's intending to send to our MLA Steve Ashton once he's got 500 signatures.   Here he shares what the body of the petition says.

"From 1977 to 2001 there was fall access to Paint Lake provincial Park up to October long weekend, conditions permitting.  This included camping, access to the fish cleaning building, and leaving the government docks in place so boat owners and remote cottagers could continue to use them.   As taxpayers and stakeholders we support a return to having access to our park in the fall season."

To sign the petition go to: cial-park/


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