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Steps to Success offers Keyboarding every Friday from 9 am - 4 pm. For info or to register call 677-5016.
Rummage Sale @ the St. Lawrence Hall on April 27th & April 28th
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The Thompson Local News Archives for 2014-08

Labour Day Celebration to take place at Union Hall

The USW Local 6166 annual Labour Day celebration will take place this Monday from noon to 4 at the Union Hall.  


Murray Nychyporuk,  President  of Local 6166, share the details about what people can expect at their event. 


"For the last few years now we've brought in bouncy houses, along with popcorn, cotton candy, snocones, and our traditional hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks and ice cream.    We have added some new events in the last four or five years we've actually been bringing out live bands and right now we're in the act of securing one."


Nychyporuk also explained the strong historical bond between labour and the unions.  


"They do go hand in hand, dating back to the strike from 1919 in Winnipeg where no longer would unsafe conditions or poor wages be tolerated.   So unions gave labour big support and brought them, I guess at the time,  into the 20th century."


The event at the Union Hall runs from noon until 4 pm.  This is a family friendly event and is free of charge.


People First Thompson to hold fund raiser

People First is preparing for their third annual fund raising social.  Kristopher Blake, President of the Thompson Chapter and provincial branch, explains what People First is and what they do in the city.


"People First is a self-advocacy group.  Locally in Thompson we promote wheelchair accessiblity issues as well as automatic doors to certain buidings that are connected with the City of Thompson as well as the Chamber of Commerce."


Started in 1974 in British Columbia, People First works to de-institutionalize people with disabilities and advocates for them to remain in their communities.    In turn, they work to make all areas of a community accessible to those who have any type of disability.


The fund raising social takes place September 27th at the Juniper Centre.   Advance tickets only.   They go on sale September 2nd at the Juniper Centre or by calling 670-38-33.     Tickets are $15 per person.




R.D. Parker Collegiate teacher returns from Uganda

R.D. Parker Collegiate teacher Susannah Mueller traveled to Uganda in July to participate in Project Overseas.   Here she explains what it is and its purpose.


"Project Overseas is a project that is in association with the Canadian Teachers Federation and it is under the umbrella of Education International to work towards improving education around the world.  It’s our Canadian union working with other unions around the world."


Mueller was part of a team that spent two weeks training Ugandan teachers with workshops on literacy, numeracy, life skills and classroom management.   She shares some of the challenges that the African teachers face in their jobs.


"They were dealing with issues around resources and financial issues as well.  The teachers that we met were amazing. Many of them were dealing with huge classrooms of 60 to even 90 or 100 kids in grade one classes alone."


Project Overseas has been in operation since 1962, working in over 50 countries in Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Caribbean.


RCMP ask "What's the Rush?"

As we head into the last long weekend of the summer the RCMP are reminding motorists you’re not alone on the highways.  There are also plenty of RCMP officers on the roadways.


They report last year just under 22-thousand people were charged for speed related infractions.  A ticket for traveling 20 kilometers per hour over the posted speed is 312 dollars and in a construction zone that fine increases to 573. 


But a fine is not the biggest consequence you could face.  In rural Manitoba 48 percent of traffic fatalities involve either excessive speed or driving too fast for conditions which is approximately 44 people who die each year because of speed.


The RCMP say they do their best to ensure people are safe but they can't slow your vehicle down.  That's up to you,  so make the right choice.



Armed Forces holds Search and Rescue exercise outside of Thompson

A search and rescue exercise took place over the weekend just outside of Thompson.   Canadian Forces’ rep, Captain John Baker, shares who some of the participants are and their job within the military.



"We’re here as members of the Arctic Response Company Group.  It’s a unit that’s composed of Army reservists from southern Manitoba, southern Saskatchewan and northwest Ontario.   And it’s a unit that receives specialized training and specialized equipment in order to be able to deploy on fairly short notice to incidents across northern Canada, across all types of terrain and all environments,  both summer and winter."


The training session, named Exercise Spirit Way 2014, was comprised of a simulated plane crash and included a search and rescue component where "survivors" of the crash had wandered from the scene and had to be found and treated for injuries.


Besides the search and rescue aspect of the exercise, Baker explains some of the other training that took place.


"We took advantage of our time up here in this environment to hone other skills sets that are necessary for us to do our jobs, such as some more advanced ATV driving, some survival lectures that we received from the Canadian Rangers, working with chain saws,  and establishing field-expedient helicopter pads."


Some of the equipment used in the training exercise and some of the participants were at an open house yesterday afternoon from 4:30 to 7:30 in the TRCC Parking Lot.  


Bow-hunting season begins today

Today is the start of bow-hunting season in Manitoba. Tim Cameron, Regional Field Supervisor for Manitoba Conservation,  has more.


“August 25th, archery season starts around the province.  There are some firearm seasons that open.   We have moose season, caribou season, black bear season.  There are some archery seasons in the south, of course, that are opening for elk and deer.  It’s kind of an exciting time of year that a lot of us wait for.”


Cameron says people going out must wear a full orange hat and vest and the hours for hunting begin 30 minutes before daylight and end 30 minutes after the sun goes down.


Hunters need to have a licence and to have completed their hunter education certification. These can be bought and completed at the local district office or stores like Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire.   Hunting guidebooks are also available at these locations. 


For complete details on the various hunting seasons and regulations go to or check your hunting guidebook.


The Totes for Tots promotion is underway.

If you have gently used school supplies, or don't mind picking up a new item or two while doing your back to school shopping, Totes for Tots can use your support.  Totes for Tots started last year, with school supplies and backpacks being donated to students in need at the elementary schools in Thompson. 


This year 102.9 CHTM's promotion will be focus on students from kindergarten to grade 3.


Items needed include backpacks, lunch boxes, scissors, coloured pencils, crayons, glue sticks, and rulers - anything kindergarten to grade 3 students would need.


You can drop off supplies at 102.9 CHTM located at 103 Cree Road between 9 am and 5 pm weekdays. If you need someone to pick up the supplies call 778-7361 to set something up.


Totes for Tots runs until September 12th.


The TRCC fitness area will open soon

After a long wait the new fitness centre at the TRCC is almost ready to open.  During this week's city council meeting,  fees for the centre were approved.


John Burrows, Director of Recreation for the City of Thompson,  says they’re hoping to open in mid-September. Burrows says the city is working on hiring fitness attendants and finishing the entrance into the gym area.


To check out the fees for the centre,  visit or call 677-7952.


The deadline for the Youth Build program is Monday

A new year of the Youth Build program at the Boys and Girls Club is just around the corner. This year 27 youth between the ages of 18-29 will get to take part.


Regina Dasilva-Gibbons, Executive Director for the club, says there are criteria for who can apply to the program.


 “Those who are under-employed, unemployed, who may have had difficulties in school, addiction problems or problems with the justice system. We want to give the youth a chance and elevate them from their current position.”


She says the program has some new changes this year,  too. They will be focusing more on education; preparing participants for their GED if they need to get that, as well as getting their drivers licenses.


The application deadline for Youth Build is on Monday, August 25th. Stop by the Boys and Girls Club or call 778-7575 for more information.


The Heritage North Museum will hold a garage sale tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Heritage North Museum's garage sale.  Remember someone else’s trash is another man's treasure,  so stop by between 9 and noon.


This year all funds raised from the yard sale will be staying within the museum.  One project the money will help with is repairing old and  damaged logs on the building.

Anyone can donate items for the sale, and everyone is welcome to volunteer for the day as well.  It will be happening rain or shine.


Spotting a bear is becoming more common than ever

It's bear season in Manitoba. Black bears are roaming around looking for food before winter hibernation.  Because of this, there have been a lot of confrontations with the animal.

Tim Cameron, Regional Field Supervisor with Manitoba Conservation,  says there are some tips people need to know.

Always keep food in vehicles while camping, and replace your garbage daily.  While out in the woods talk loudly and make your presence known.    Bears also like to sun themselves along roadways.   Cameron advises drivers not to stop on the side of the road. This is because it could cause a collision. I nstead slowly drive by and honk your horn to scare the bear back into the woods.

To learn more about bear safety tips listen to Thompson Today at 12:40 pm or 5:10 pm this afternoon.


Highway 280 into Split Lake is still blocked off

The blockade entering Split Lake is still up.


The barricade which was put up on Tuesday August 12th at midnight is not letting contractors, dam workers, or Manitoba hydro workers through.


Melanie Spence, a councillor in Split Lake organized this closure because she says they’re not being heard.


 “There are a lot of outstanding issues that Manitoba Hydro is choosing to ignore. One of them is PR 280. That is one of the main things that they’ve ignored, is the request for pavement. If this was Winnipeg this would never happen. We’re supposed to be partners with Manitoba Hydro and they’re treating us like second class citizens.”


Spence says Split Lake let Steve Ashton know about this blockade a month ago. The Split Lake band office says the blockade will stay up until they hear back from Steve Ashton the Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation.


Ashton is on holiday and will be returning at the end of summer.


There's a new cold weather policy

Starting on November 1st when temperatures reach -35 homeless citizens will have the chance to sleep in a heated arena. A new cold weather policy was approved during the last city council meeting.


The new policy will be in effect from November 1st until March 31st whenever the temperature reaches minus 35 with or without the wind-chill.


During previous council meetings changing the temperature was brought up, but due to resources it will stay at -35. There will be two workers manning the arenas during the cold weather season.


Girl Guides will soon start back up in the city

The Thompson Girl Guides are starting back up in September. Nadine Vokey Leader of the First Thompson Guide Unit says girl guides do a lot for the girls.


“We do a wide array of programming materials. We look into the arts, sciences, cultural awareness and community service. We do all kinds of things. Anything the girls are interested in.”


Girl Guides are open to girls ages 5-17 with 5 different levels to complete.


They’re also looking for more adult leaders to get involved. If you’re interested in becoming an adult rep with the Thompson Girl Guides

please visit or call Nadine at 677-5160.


Registration for girl guides will happen at this years Health and Leisure Market.


It is time to start preparing your children for the flu season

School is on the horizon and with that means flu season. For kids first going into kindergarten it’s being asked they already have their immunizations.


“One of the things we would like parents to be aware of is that when kids are starting kindergarten Manitoba Health recommends that children have their first set of immunizations done between 4 and 6. You can contact your local public health nurse to get these done.”


You can call 677-5314 to book your child’s immunizations. Students in grade 4, 6, and 8 will also be getting immunizations by public health nurses.


Another tip the NRHA has for preventing the flu is good hand washing.


“Using soap and water and soaking for at least 20 seconds and rinsing for 10. Some people like to use the ABC’s for the younger kids while they’re washing their hands. This would be the number one way to boost children’s defence against illness.”


Packing a healthy lunch is also very important for the school season. This includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.


The Northern Regional Health Authority is also asking parents to let schools know if their children have any food allergies as well as if they carry an EpiPen.


A film about the 2011 Lake St. Martin flood premieres later this month.

A production team from Manitoba has produced a documentary about the flood evacuees from Lake St. Martin. Janelle Wooky is one of the filmmakers. Here she talks about the movie.


“It’s a one hour documentary about the 2011 flood which forces 2000 people out of their community,  mostly from First Nation communities. The documentary looks at the impact that the evacuation had on these 2000 people that were evacuated and left stranded for what has been now 3 years.”


Wooky says residents she spoke to feel helpless in the situation.


“They have very little control over what happens to them,  which is horrifying to see. To raise 2, 3 and 4 year old kids in hotel rooms is extremely unstable and it’s extremely difficult for young families as well as elders.”


The movie,  called "Treading Waters",  premiered earlier this year on APTN and an English version will be premiered on CBC at 7 pm on August 23rd.


Using Your Credit Card Increases Autopac Costs

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business is speaking out about credit card processing fees within Manitoba Public Insurance.


Elliot Sims, the Provincial Affairs Director.  speaks here about the concerns CFIB has.


“The CFIB is quite concerned that MPI is spending over 9 million dollars per year on credit card processing fees. What that is is a fee that the crown cooperation has to pay to a credit card company for the option to accept credit cards for payment of Autopac premiums for Manitoba drivers."


Over the last five years MPI has spent nearly 41 million dollars on credit card fees. With each credit card transaction it costs $5.77 in processing fees, where as debit card transactions cost 5-10 cents.


Sims says MPI could cut its payment processing costs by 98% if they were to drop the credit card payment option.


He says all measures to cut costs need to be implemented.


The Nelson House election takes place August 21st

The Nelson House election will take place next Thursday.


There are three people running for Chief:   Marcel Moody, Jim Moore and William Elvis Thomas. Along with the election of chief,  NCN residents will be naming 6 new councillors. This year they have 30 candidates to choose from. 


To vote you must be 18 years or older and a registered NCN citizen.


Voting takes place at the Mystery Lake Hotel in Thompson, the Gilbert McDonald Arena in Nelson House, the Leaf Rapids Town Centre and the Marlborough Hotel in Winnipeg.


Voting starts at 9 am on August 21st and will run until 8 pm.


Opaskwayak Indian Days talent show airs on Arctic Radio tonight

Tonight 102.9 CHTM, 102.9 CJAR and 102.9 CFAR  will be airing a live talent show!    Right now  he Opaskwayak Indian Days are happening in The Pas and with that comes a talent show.


Starting at 7pm tonight listen to artists from Manitoba showcase their talents over the airwaves from the comfort of your own home or vehicle.


The talent show will be live until midnight.


Highway 280 into Split Lake is blocked off

There is a blockade on highway 280 going into Split Lake. The barricade was put up at midnight Tuesday and the community is not letting contractors or Manitoba Hydro employees into the community.


Councillor Melanie Spence organized this closure.  


Here she talks about why.


“Because there are a lot of outstanding issues that Manitoba Hydro are choosing to ignore. One of them is PR 280. That is one of the main things that they’ve ignored,  is the request for pavement. If this was Winnipeg this would never happen. We’re supposed to be partners with Manitoba Hydro and they’re treating us like second class citizens.”


Spence says Manitoba Hydro and the province were told about this possible blockade about a month ago.


“They knew there was a blockade about to happen. There was a letter given to Steve Ashton on Monday.”


She says the blockade will stay up until they hear back about having their roads paved.


Steve Ashton, Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation was unavailable for a comment.


A cancer care hub is coming to Thompson

Cancer affects everyone in some way or another and two new cancer hubs in Northern Manitoba will improve cancer treatment and care for patients.


Health Minister Erin Selby announced yesterday two new hubs to open later this fall, one in Thompson and one in The Pas. Selby has more here.  


“One of the things we’re making sure is that we have cancer treatment close to home. So for people in northern Manitoba they would normally have to travel great distances but having these regional cancer hubs,  people can come into The Pas and Thompson and coordinate with the community cancer hubs as well. Most importantly,  doctors will be able to coordinate.”


The completion of the hubs is aimed for this fall. The new hubs will be made up of care providers working together to help people across the north get the care they need, when they need it, closer to home.


It will cost up to 770-thousand dollars annually for the front line staff to support cancer patients in the region,  Selby noted.


The City of Thompson takes over control of the Water Treatment Plant

Vale will be transferring the Water Treatment Plant to the City of Thompson.


The discussions began between the two after Vale and the City of Thompson signed an agreement in 2012 regarding Vale's municipal taxes and funding arrangements.


Here Gary Ceppetelli, City Manager,  talks about the transfer.


“In that agreement it really started to talk about the initial discussions about the potential transfer for the water treatment plant from Vale to the City of Thompson. So following through with that agreement the city and Vale have been meeting to work out the specific details to what that transfer will look like.”


Vale currently operates the water treatment plant at no cost to the city, and even recently completed a 15 million dollar upgrade.


There has been no official transfer date set just yet. A letter of understanding will be written to lay out the plan to train employees and prepare both the plant and the city for the transfer.



A memorial canoe trip is taking place in the province

A group of 6 men have set out on a two-week canoe trip in honour of a fellow member of the Fort Garry Horse Regiment. 


The men from the regiment left Thicket Portage yesterday water and are paddling to Harcus Strachan Lake. This lake is about 240 kilometres east of Thompson along the Nelson River Watershed. 


The idea behind this is to honour Lieutenant Colonel Harcus Strachan who was awarded the Victoria Cross for his service in the First World War. Once the paddlers reach Harcus Strachan Lake, a plaque will be placed on the shore.


The men should finish the trip by August 24th.


Work continues at the cemetery

Work is being done at the Thompson Cemetery.  Maintenance in the old grass section is almost complete and items placed on the graves can be returned anytime after Wednesday.


The City of Thompson will be placing down new sod in the new section starting on August 16th, and they're asking residents to remove memorabilia in that section before then.


The City will let residents know when those items can be returned. Please remember no glass is allowed in the cemetery.


If you have any questions regarding the work in the cemetery please call 677-7952.


Registration has opened for Walk a Mile in her Shoes

Registration has opened for Walk a Mile in her Shoes. It’s a fundraiser for men to take a stand to violence against women.  Joy Thompson, Executive Director for the YWCA talks here about the event.


“This is a way for individual men to register and get their pledge sheets and sign up pledges. So registration forms are available at the YWCA, we’re open 24/7 so drop in any time. They’re also available at Doug’s Source for Sports, and the City Centre Mall office.”


Thompson says if you can’t walk there is another way to support the cause.


This year RCMP and EMS are walking it out to see who can raise the most money.


“We’re encouraging people to donate to the team that they think can walk the most elegantly. Donations can be made for either of those teams at the YWCA and you get a charitable tax receipt.”


There’s even a way for females to get involved too. They can nominate a member of the opposite sex to take part.


“Women can pick up those nomination forms at the YWCA, Doug’s Source for Sports, or the City Centre Mall. Nominate your husband, your boyfriend, your boss, your coworkers, father, uncle or even your ex and get them registered to walk.”


Manitoba has the second highest rates of domestic violence in the country. So join together and help stop violence against women with some red heels.


Walk a Mile in her Shoes happens on September 20th. Shoe fittings are at 11am, and the walk begins at noon.


The Fork in the Road Bike Shop is looking for donations

Every Tuesday the Fork in the Road Bike Shop is open in Thompson.


It’s a volunteer run shop which builds bikes for people who can’t afford their own, and also teaches people about the mechanics behind the machines.


Right now the shop is looking for donations of scrap bikes, or gently used bike parts. If you want more information on the shop contact Josh Cain at 778-7361 or email


You can always stop by the shop Tuesday evenings between 5:30 and 8:30pm at the Boys and Girls club as well.


The Youth Build Program begins this September

A new year of the Youth Build program at the Boys and Girls Club is just around the corner. This year 27 youth between the ages of 18-29 will get to take part.


Regina Dasilva-Gibbons, Executive Director for the club,  says there are criteria for who can apply to the program.


“Those who are under-employed, unemployed, who may have had difficulties in school, addiction problems or problems with the justice system. We want to give the youth a chance and elevate them from their current position.”


Dasilva-Gibbons says although questions on the application are very personal,  they serve a purpose.


“That helps us find out the best ways to teach them, and the best way to get them up-to-speed on where they should be. I don’t want those personal questions to make them think they won’t get into the program.”


She says the program has some new changes this year too. They will be focusing more on education; preparing participants for their GED if they need to get that, as well as getting their drivers licenses.


The application deadline for Youth Build is August 25th.


Communities in Bloom judges visited Thompson

Thompson was judged yesterday on community appearance. The Communities in Bloom judges toured our city all day and met with some community leaders. One judge,  Darrell Graham,  says the program isn't just about flowers.


“This program is so good for the whole community.  I know it says Communities in Bloom and people think its just flowers but the whole community is blooming. It’s their community. The better they can make it the better it is for them. I am just pointing out the good and bad so they can make it better.”


Although news about what Thompson received in bloom ratings won’t be released until later this fall,  Graham says Thompson has improved in the last few years. He mentioned how impressed the judges were on our play structures, walking paths and the Splash Park.


Last year Thompson had 4 blooms out of the possible 5.


The Ma-Mow-We-Tak Friendship Centre is offering day camps

The Ma-Mow-We-Tak Friendship Centre is offering summer programs all month long. Camp Coordinator,  Michelle Steves,  talks here about what is being offered.


“We have the day camp which is for ages 6-12. Children come from 9 am until 4 pm and are provided two snacks. We take them to various places like the fire hall, the police station, wading pools, and do things like arts and crafts.”


There is also a camp for children under the age of five called New Beginning. New Beginnings offers the same type of activities but focuses on kids five and younger.  Camps are 10 dollars a week.   To register call 677-0960.


You can also drop by the Friendship Centre at 4 Nelson Road to pick up forms.


Volunteers and donations are needed for the Salvation Army

The Thompson Salvation Army is continuing to do community based work. Roy Bladen, the new director of the Thompson organization,  talks here about some of the things the Salvation Army does. 


“Well it involves the church, the church services, congregational needs, the food bank, community and family services and the thrift store. There’s a lot to it.”


Bladen recently took over the position and has worked with the Salvation Army for over 25 years. He says they are always looking for volunteers come the busy fall season. 


“They can go into the store and ask for an application and we would contact these individuals as time goes on. Basically we don’t get busy until September. That is when we get a lot of donations and need a lot of help; especially with Christmas coming up.”


One thing Bladen says Thompson should be proud of is the new thrift store. The Salvation Army Thrift Shop recently reopened inside the Thompson Plaza in a much larger space. It’s open Tuesday to Friday from 10 am-5 pm and Saturday 10 am-3 pm.


Clothes can be dropped off at the Thompson Plaza location, and to donate furniture please call Roy Bladen at 307-2193.


A review regarding the CMHA and NRHA has been released

A review of the partnership between the Northern Health Region and the Canadian Mental Health Association has been released. Chief Executive Officer for the NHR,  Helga Bryant , says this review was needed because of accountability challenges. Bryant talks here about the NRHA's responsibilities within this partnership.


“To determine what services we believe our client population needs, and really that the Service Purchase Agreement  (SPA) delineates what services are needed and who is going to be providing those services.”


In this report it’s recommended that the current Service Purchase Agreement be changed. It's been recommended that there be separate SPAs for each program offered by the CMHA and funded by the NRHA.  Bryant explains why.


“This will be program component by program component with very clear ‘here are the deliverables, here is the funding allocation, and here are the monitoring requirements.’ It will be much easier for both parties to stay accountable with a document that is that clear to what is expected.”


Bryant says both organizations seemed pleased with the review that has 19 new recommendations.


“When the reviewer presented the recommendations to both the CMHA board chair, executive director and myself there were no surprises. We were welcoming of the recommendations. Overwhelmingly we thought we could do this, this makes sense and we were happy to receive the report and move forward.”


Work should be finished by December on the new SPAs. The implementation committee is ready to proceed with the development of one of the new SPAs.


No spokesperson from the CMHA was available for comments at this time.


New specialty camps are being offered this August

It’s the last month of summer vacation, which means a whole new set of specialty camps have started!


From August 4th until the 8th kids can take part in Dinosaur camp; from August 11th until the 15th campers will take part in Music camp and from August 18th until the 22nd it will be Knights and Princesses camp.


These camps run from 9 am to noon and 1 pm until 4 pm at the Thompson Regional Community Centre. Call 677-7952 for more information on these camps, or to register your children in the week- long activities.


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