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The Thompson Local News Archives for 2014-07

Traveling camps are switching schools

Tomorrow is the beginning of August and that means new summer camps are available for children! The traveling camps will run until the 15th at different schools around the city, and offer activities like arts and crafts and gym sports.


From August 5th until the 8th the camps will be at Westwood and Riverside Schools. From August 11th until the 15th the camps will be at Wapanohk and Deerwood Schools. Camps run from 9 am until noon, then 1 pm until 4 pm.


Kids 6-15 are welcome to come and camps cost a toonie for the morning and a toonie for the afternoon!


For more information about the traveling camps call 677-7952.


The Salvation Army thrift store is open

The Salvation Army Thrift Store is back up and running. A grand opening happened earlier this week at the store with some great deals. If you missed the opening, don’t worry.  You can catch their daily deals at the store.


The Thrift Store is open Tuesday until Saturday from 10 am until 5 pm in the Thompson Plaza.


For more information on the Salvation Army or the shop please call Roy Bladen at 677-3658.


Vale shutdowns start on Monday August 4th

Vale mines will be closed starting on Monday for the annual month-long shutdown. Vale Manager of Corporate Relations, Ryan Land,  explains here.


“Basically for the whole month of August beginning on the 4th, with some variations of a day or two between plants, the mines will ramp down first, followed by the mill, and the refinery and the smelter will be the last to shutdown.”


The shutdown happens so contractors and employees can do planned maintenance and so safety projects can be carried out. Work being done this year includes compressor upgrades and repairs, work to the refinery ball mill, belt upgrades and crusher repairs.


Land says safety is always number one for Vale. He says working on projects during a shutdown helps reduce risk.


All plants will be back online by September 2nd.”


The Pas hub forum happens today

The Pas is hoping to become the next hub for North American goods and services. A forum is being held in The Pas today with leaders from Manitoba and  Saskatchewan.


During the meeting which is being hosted by The Pas district Chamber of Commerce and The Hudson Bay Route Association The Pas’ potential for transportation will be talked about.


Guests for the day will include Omnitrax, HBR, Calm Air, Via Rail, Tolko, Hudson Bay Mining, Vale and many more.


Thompson cemetery gets cleaned

The City of Thompson Recreation, Parks & Culture Department will be cleaning up the city cemetery. Because of this they are requesting that all flowers, decorations, or other ornament be removed from the site while the cleaning takes place.


If you have any questions please call 204-677-7952.


The City will let residents know when flowers and memorabilia can be returned to the site.


ATV tips and tricks for Thompson riders

Riding an ATV and off-roading are popular hobbies in northern Manitoba. But there are a few things riders need to remember. Dennis Foley, member of the Thompson Trail Breakers,  says never to go off-roading alone, bring basic tools to do repairs, carry water, and always wear your helmet.


Foley also says it’s important to know about helmet safety.


“The biggest thing is to make sure your helmet is in good standing. If you’ve had an accident and you’ve hit your head the recommendation is to get a new helmet. As far as other clothing goes dress for the weather. If you’re in town putting on a high visibility vest wouldn’t be a bad idea.”


Thompson riders should be aware that ATV use will switch to snowmobile use once the snow hits and stays. Proper care of the trails is the responsibility of all riders.


But for now, if you want to enjoy the trails visit City Hall to pick up a map or visit Northern Manitoba Off-road Association on Facebook.


Crime rates in Thompson have decreased

Thompson is no longer the most violent city in Canada. With the recent Statistics Canada figures for the crime severity Index,  Thompson’s crime rate has lowered by 13%. That’s the lowest it’s been in 10 years.


Violent crime has seen a 32.2% drop and  non-violent crime saw a 3.4% drop.


City officials say we have seen this drop in crime due to a few reasons; the working partnership with our local RCMP, our Downtown Strategy, and crime reduction initiatives like Project Northern Doorway.


Investments in education, recreational programming and housing have also helped keep the crime rate down.


Moving forward Thompson will need to look at other areas to continue to lower our crime rate. These include drugs and gangs, domestic violence, and substance abuse.



Tawipsim offers workshops this summer

 If you’ve noticed the teepees by the Burntwood River you’re probably wondering why they’re there. It’s called Tawipisim. Jean Merasty, owner of the set up,  talks here about what it is.


“Tawipisim roughly translates to ‘pathway to the sun'. It’s an aboriginal cultural tourism business. It’s going to focus on the aboriginal culture. So I’ve set up the teepees and prospector tents and we have different things going in programming.”


Workshops include bead working, dream catcher making, and cultural teachings. Merasty says she started this business to teach everyone about the aboriginal culture, but says that is not all Tawipisim has to offer.


We are also open for organizations that want to deliver their workshops. They can rent  our teepees and they can deliver their workshops there. We’re prepared to help them put the agenda together, and maybe deliver workshops to them if that is their wish. We also have teepees to rent out for the night.”


Tawipisim is open Thursday and Friday from 5-9pm, Saturday from 2-8pm, and Sunday from 2-6pm.  It’s free to enter the site, but there's a charge for workshops.


Jean Merasty hopes to make this an annual summer tourist attraction.


To learn more visit


The Thompson Lions Senior Manor hopes for provincial funding

The proposed Thompson Lions Senior Manor is looking to the provincial government for funding. The Manitoba government sent out a request for proposals for affordable senior housing, and the Thompson Lions Club sent in an application for the manor.


Board member Penny Byer says there is a huge need for seniors housing in our area.


“We did some research into Stats Canada and between 2001-2011 the population between 70-74 has grown by 106%. If you average it out people 55 and older the percentage of the population has grown by over 40%.”


The 7 million dollar facility would be built adjacent to the Teekinakan Day Care. If the government approved the funding, they would pay a third of the cost for the units. This could mean two and a quarter million dollars.


“In northern Manitoba you get a little more per unit, it’s up to a third anyways, but it’s also capped. So for us we figure if we were to be granted the maximum amount it would be two and a quarter million. That is a significant contribution to a 7 million dollar facility."


The facility is to include 30 different units. Rooms would include larger doorways, lever style door handles, and other essentials to make it easier for a senior to live independently.


Byer says they have sent in the application and are just waiting to hear back. News on the funding approval won’t be heard until the end of August, or the middle of September.


To learn more about the facility visit our facebook page - for the full interview with Penny Byer.


There is a new Judge in Thompson

There’s a New Judge in the North. Attorney General Andrew Swan has announced the appointment of a new judge to the provincial court.  Catherine Hembroff of The Pas has been appointed to the court in Thompson.


Swan says Judge Hembroff has been living in northern Manitoba for almost two decades practicing criminal law as a Crown Attorney and taking part in a number of community activities. Adding her extensive experience and expertise will be a valuable asset in her new role.


After receiving her law degree from the University of Manitoba in 1994, Hembroff began working as a provincial Crown Attorney in 1995, serving in The Pas and other northern communities.  In 2008 she became the supervising Senior Crown Attorney in the Pas.


The appointment is effective immediately with an official swearing in ceremony to be held as soon as possible.


Thompson will host a ground search and rescue exercise

In a month Thompson will be full of military personnel taking part in a ground search and rescue exercise. The 38 Canadian Brigade Groups Arctic Company Response Company will be stationed here from August 22nd until august 27th.


Major Mike Lagace, Senior Public Affairs Officer talks here about the exercise.


“We are going to be coordinating with the Office of the Fire Commissioner because they would be the lead agency on a search for a lost person. What we’re going to do is we’re going to be exercising that search coordination. It’s really a communication coordination with the fire commissioner, as well as practicing our own techniques with ATVs and everything else.”


Around 100 part time soldiers from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Thunder Bay will take part. The headquarters for the exercise will be located in Thompson, but the exercises will happen 50km west of the city.


Legace says this is an important partnership between the Armed Forces and the Fire Commissioner. He says once more details are set in stone an open house will happen in Thompson to let residents know all the details.


Snow Lake mine to be sold by September

 QMX Gold Corporation and Northern Sun Mining are extending the proposed acquisition by Northern Sun of the Snow Lake property. The closing is now expected to occur on or before September 30th.


In connection with the extension of the sale QMX  is negotiating with Third Eye Capital to extend the existing bridge loan facility to September 30th.  As a condition of the extension Third Eye requires that QMX sell a block of  7 million escrowed and free trading shares held by QMX in Falco Pacific Resource Group in order to reduce the principal and interest outstanding on the bridge loan facility.


The closing of the Snow Lake sale also remains subject to a number of conditions including receipt of all necessary government and  regulatory approvals in Canada and China, completion of due diligence and Northern Sun securing the finances necessary to complete the acquisition.


Shooting in Norway House Cree Nation

A man is in a Winnipeg hospital suffering non-life threatening injuries after he was shot by RCMP in Norway House.


The 20 year-old male who was shot Sunday afternoon at a baseball tournament whie reportedly surrendering to the Mounties.


Chief Ron Evans of the Norway House Cree Nation says there needs to be more answers.


“After the shooting happened, and the way that people witnessed the incident it was one of shock and anger. Of course they want answers and some sort of accountability as to what happened. People want the answers to why this took place in the first place. Why was someone shot that was not armed?”


The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team was called in to investigate the incident by Premier Greg Selinger yesterday afternoon. The team arrived in Norway House last night and will be speaking to witnesses and residents today.


Chief Evans says along with the response team there are trauma councillors coming to the community. He says this is an important step in grieving for the younger children who saw the shooting.


“Especially in the mind of a young child to witness such an incident, it can have a very long term negative effect of how one views a police officer. Perhaps they don’t feel as safe in their community anymore. It raises all these kind of questions. Fear in the minds of these young children, and that needs to be dealt with.”


In a press release sent out by the RCMP Monday afternoon it reads due to the ongoing investigation they cannot comment on the incident.


Thompson Sobeys officially closes

Businesses will need to find a new wholesale distributor because the Thompson Sobey's doors are now closed.  Friday was the last day of sales for the grocery store chain due to Sobeys closing 50 stores throughout the country.


The chain stated in a press release that stores would be closing due to underperformance. This included ours in Thompson.

The Thompson Chamber of Commerce tried to extend the closing date by 3-6 months but phone calls were not returned by Sobeys.


Fifty per cent of businesses in the Thompson Chamber of Commerce say their businesses will largely be affected by this closing.  Other wholesale distributors are being looked into.


Thompson fundraiser gives money to local organizations

For the past week Centennial Park has been a busy place. Golf balls were flying, and money was being raised for local organizations. The 9th annual Million Dollar Hole-in-One fundraiser was brought to you this year by 102.9 CHTM and the Rotary Club of Thompson. During the 5-day event $9,200 was raised.


The money raised is going to the Rotary Park Development Association, the Thompson Trail Breakers, and Mystery Mountain Winter Park.


Leader board winners can pick up their prizes at 102.9 CHTM, located at 103 Cree Road.




Spirit Way has summer guided tours

Learn more about Thompson by taking a Spirit Way tour. This summer Spirit Way has hired an official tour guide and is offering 2-hour tours around our community.


Volker Beckmann with Spirit Way says the tours aren't expensive, either.


“This is an introductory price because the tours are worth more than that. But because it was the first year we wanted to test it out. We will only be charging 5 dollars. So through MMF and Spirit Way we’re subsidizing the tour.”


This year Spirit Way was able to acquire a grant through the Manitoba Metis Federation which helped them hire the employee.


Tour Guide Carley Wells is responsible for visiting the train station, hotels, and local attractions to promote the tours, as well as conduct the tours.


The walk starts at the Heritage North Museum and ends at the tribute to northern aviation by the Burntwood River near the Miles Hart Bridge.


Beckmann says Spirit Way hopes to find a way to keep these tours going after the summer.


“We’re not in position to hire someone else but now we’re trying to find out if there are any seniors who are semi-retired or retired who are interested in doing a half day ambassadorship. That is an option we will explore.”


To find more information about the tours visit, or to book your tour call 677-2216.


Rail service to Churchill reopens

Via Rail has announced that service between Gillam and Churchill will resume today. 


On June 2nd 13 freight cars derailed near Churchill forcing Via Rail to suspend its service between Gillam and Churchill. The first departure out of Gillam going to Churchill is scheduled for 11:30 tonight and the first train to depart Churchill is scheduled tomorrow at 7:30 pm.


Via Rail is currently communicating with all clients who booked tickets on this route prior to the suspension of the service.


For any further information you can visit their website at or call 1-888-VIA RAIL.


A new week of camps coming to the Thompson Zoo

A new week of camps start next Wednesday! This summer as a way to raise money for the new Discovery Centre the Thompson Zoo is holding these workshops. The sessions include information on food in the Boreal Forest, what plants residents could use as medicine, and trees.


The camps will be running until the end of August and are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week. It’s pretty cheap too; only $2 a day, or $5 for all three days.


If this sounds like something you would like to learn about, or have your children learn register today! Call 677-5919 or drop by the Thompson Zoo. Class sizes are limited to 10, and anyone over the age of 6 can take part.


It's a quiet season for forest fires in the north


This year’s forest fire season in the north is below average. Shauna Kortz, Fire Control Officer for Manitoba Conservation says with the amount of precipitation we’ve received it has helped keep the fires to a bare minimum.


Mike Bourgon, Deputy Fire Chief gives us some tips on being cautious around open flames.


“While everything starts to dry out, biggest thing you want to worry about is your open fires. If you have a fire you want to make sure you put it out fully, smouldering fires are not put out fires. Make sure to dig out a couple inches past where you’ve done your burning. Be careful with smoking and where you throw your cigarette butts. Throwing them out the window down the highway can cause a fire in the ditch.”


If you’re having a backyard fire you’ll need a burning permit. Permits for fires within city limits can be picked up at City Hall.


For fires outside of city limits you will need to pick up a burning permit at the Provincial Building. Permits are free of charge, but getting caught without one will cost you.


If you spot a fire call the 24/7 fire centre at 677-6624 or the tip line at 1-800-782=0076


Thompson welcomes the new dog park

The fences are up, and dogs are using their new play area in the city! The Thompson Dog Park may not have had  their official opening just yet, but it’s already the place to be this summer. Chairman for the Thompson Humane Society Oswald Sawh says there are some rules to follow.


“You have to have full view of the dog at all times. You must remove immediately any dog that acts in a dangerous or aggressive manner towards other dogs or humans. If your dog does his business in the field you must pick up after him. There will be dog bags available, and all dogs must be vaccinated and be wearing their tags.”   


Sawh hopes with this park it will increase physical activity for animals and their owners. The park is located in Baffin Park, and a fence has been put up for the k9 area. Signs and dog bag dispenser will be put in later this week.


The park will be mostly self policing, but animal control and by-law officers will also be patrolling the area.


The official opening will be sometime in late July or early August.


Thomas Mulcair visits Thompson


Thomas Mulcair, leader of the NDP and the leader of the Official Opposition was in Thompson last week. During his time in the north he toured First Nations reserves, schools, and visited our post office. Mulcair says the NDP wants to save our postal service.


"The only year it didn't make a profit was when Stephen Harper locked out the workers so it's still a profitable enterprise. Yes there are more electronics going on right now, but if you're creative you can continue to have this viable public enterprise. Whereas other countries like New Zealand have done that. They kept their post office as a valuable service, and that's what we would do in the NDP."


Mulcair also said during his visit that First Nations issues are one of his main priorities. He says he meets with leaders, and communities members regularly.  


"So, whether I am meeting them in Winnipeg during a big manitoba chief meeting, or I meet with them one on one when they make it to Ottawa, or I am in their communities. There is no subject on which I've held more meetings or I've done more work since becoming leader than First Nations issues."


Other priorities Mulcair says the NDP have are fixing the Canadian Pension Plan and health care so everyone can afford it. Mulcair hopes to return to the north next year to reconnect with community leaders once again. 


Wolf surveys to be handed into The City Centre Mall.

Finished wolf surveys can now be dropped off at The City Centre Mall. Bonnie Bishop, a Memorial University student is in Thompson collecting data on what Thompson residents think about wolves.


Bishop says she was collecting the surveys by going door to door, but sometimes people missed her. Now residents who have taken the survey have the option to drop them off at the mall during business hours. She says you can either drop them off at the management office or in the mailbox between the office and the Thompson Dental Centre.


If you are unavailable to make it to the mall email to set up a pick up time.


Bishop is almost nearing the halfway mark of her study, and will continue to talk to residents until the end of the summer.


The graffiti clean up program gets underway in Thompson

Graffiti will be getting painted over in the city soon. The Canadian Mental Health Association of Thompson and The City of Thompson are working together on the 4th annual graffiti clean up project.


The city based initiative hires 3 people to paint over the tags and other eyesores. The program officially starts today and will run until the weather turns cold. If you spot any graffiti call the CMHA at 204- 677-6058 with the location.


Million Dollar Hole in One starts Tuesday

It’s time to get your golf clubs out, because tomorrow is the start of the Million Dollar Hole in One. The event has been happening in Thompson for the past 9 years.


Each day try your luck at qualifying onto the leader board where you can win daily prizes. But remember you’re also competing for the semi-finals and finals which will take place on Saturday at the golf club. This is where you can win the million dollars.


This year the funds raised will be going to the Rotary Park Development Club, and The Trail Breakers. Buckets of balls range from $5-20.


It all starts tomorrow at 11am in Centennial Park.



Snow Lake Skit honors one of Thompson's early prospectors

If you’re heading to Snow Lake there’s a live performance every Saturday that you're welcome to check out.


Every Saturday through to August 2nd, the Snow Lake Aurora Boealis Arts Council puts the historic skit on at the Snow Lake Motor Inn.  Maryann Mihychuk, one of the writers talks about what you can expect.


“The performances are about the early explorers in the Snow Lake area. It's 100 years ago since Richard Woosey discovered gold at Herb Lake now known as Wekusko. This play is about some of the more famous or more compelling explorers.”


The play focuses on Kate Creighton. She is considered to be one of Thompson’s first prospectors. Creighton also had ties to Abraham Lincoln, the pilgrims, and the creation of the United Church.


The Play “Kate and the Gold Diggers” takes place at the Snow Lake Motor Inn. It’s free of charge but donations will go to the Snow Lake Aurora Boealis Arts Council. The skits start at 1 o’clock. 



RCMP advise people to use caution on the water

Although it may not always feel like summer, residents are advised to take caution when enjoying summer activities on and around the water.


Bob Chabot, is the Staff Sergeant for Shoal Lake. He says he hopes Manitobans are responsible when boating.


“Our recommendation is that your vessel is in good working order, that you have all the proper safety equipment,  and that it all works. And let someone know where you’re going, how long you’ll be out, and when you’re coming back.”


Chabot says RCMP usually hand out deficiency reports to boats stopped on the water. A deficiency report shows what the boater is missing on their vessel and how much it would cost if a fine was given.

The same fines that are handed out for drinking and driving can also be handed out for drinking and boating.


Thefts in Snow Lake

Between June 11th and 25th individuals entered a HudBay site and a road construction site in Snow Lake.


Hundreds of feet of copper wire as well as a number of power and hand tools were stolen from the two sites.   Police continue to investigate.

Anyone with information regarding this or any other criminal activity is asked to contact their local police detachment or Manitoba Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS.)


Drowning in Clearwater Lake

Around  6 p.m. last Saturday,  The Pas RCMP, Fire Department and EMS responded to a report of a possible drowning. 


A 40 year-old man had been out on a boat fishing on Clearwater Lake with family members when he dove into the water to go swimming. The man did not resurface after diving into the water.


The man’s body was recovered around 7 pm and transported to The Pas Health Complex. Emergency personnel were unable to resuscitate him.   Alcohol is not believed to be a factor.


Police continue to investigate.



A Port in the Storm set to grow


A Port in the Storm has bought a new facility.


Currently they’re running 17 suites out of a senior’s complex in St. Boniface, but in the next two years they’ll be moving to a larger facility across the street. Joanne Loughery with A Port in the Storm explains what they offer.


"It is a safe, supportive affordable home-like facility in Winnipeg for people going through medical treatments and that's the vision of the project."


The new building will include 40 suites. A Port in the Storm is looking for new corporate and private sponsors to raise enough money for construction and operational costs.


For more information about A Port in the Storm or to speak to someone about staying there call 204-231-0720 or visit




Registration open for City Councillors and School Board Trustees


Registration is now open for potential councilors and school board trustees.


The campaigning period has officially begun for people hoping to gain a spot on city council or the school board. Registration and campaigning has been open since May for potential mayors. As of right now, Luke Robinson is the sole contender for Mayor. There is no word yet on whether present Mayor Tim Johnston will seek another term.


To get more information about the fall election call the Senior  Election Officer,  Dave Turpie,  at 679-1000


Northern Cadet Programs to receive funding

Norway House, Nelson House, and Cross Lake cadet programs are getting some funding.   The provincial government announced yesterday that the three cadet programs will be getting 38-thousand dollars.


Justice Minister Andrew Swan made the announcement in Thompson  and says this is great for more than one reason. Cadet programs create a strong bond between youth and the RCMP and the funding is being provided through criminal forfeiture money. This means that the funding is not comng from tax payers' dollars but rather that the cash comes from the proceeds of unlawful activities.


This money will be used to buy new uniforms, and provide healthy snacks during training.



Family Fun Day takes place Monday

On Monday,  the Rotary Park Development and Hello Parents are hosting their annual Family Fun Day.


From 12-3 pm Hello Parents will host water and sun safety programs. There will be a fire truck on site from 3:30 until 4:30 and a police car from 4:30-5:30pm. There will be a BBQ from noon all the way until 7pm. Birdhouses will also be available to paint, and will be hung along the walking path in the park. So come down to the Rotary Park, and enjoy some summer festivities.




Airport Holds Mock Emergency Test

Last week The Thompson Regional Airport held a Mock Emergency. Curtis Ross, CEO of the Thompson Regional Airport Authority,  explains

what a mock emergency is.


"A mock emergency is meant to test all our emergency response systems, not only at our airport but also those that we rely on within the city of Thompson, right from RCMP to the Fire Department and the Hospital.  Basically what we'll do is, it's mandatory through Transport Canada that we run a live exercise every so often, so we try to make it as realistic as possible."


During the mock emergency there were injured people, a crashed plane, and fire.  Ross says the mock test went very well. Emergency crews responded quickly and did their job. He says after the exercise meetings were held about how it went, and what can be improved. One thing Ross says can be improved is communication throughout the city and to residents. These mock crashes happen randomly throughout the year.



Wolf Survey available in Thompson

Thompsonites have the opportunity to have their say about whether or not Thompson should become the Wolf Capital of the world.


Bonnie Bishop,  a Memorial University student,  is here in Thompson studying wolves and peoples'  feelings about them. Here Bishop explains why this study is happening.


"Spirit Way got in contact with my supervisor, Allistair Bath.  And Allistair was really interested in this study because this is something different than he's ever seen or I've ever seen, becoming this Wolf Capital of the World.   We really want to know how people feel about wolves and this is something important to the Wolf Capital of the World."


Bishop will be handing out surveys to get peoples' opinions and concerns about the project and the animal. There have been 800 random numbers picked, and Bishop hopes to get at least 400 finished surveys.


After the study is finished, it will be shared with projects like Spirit Way, as well as towrads Bishop's studies.


To get in touch with Bonnie email or visit



Northern Manitoba Mining Exploration gets Funding

The Mineral Exploration Assistance Program that delivers financial assistance to companies carrying out mineral exploration in Manitoba will invest 3 million dollars in 2014-15 to support 22 new projects.


The program provides up to 50 per cent of approved eligible expenses to encourage exploration in under explored frontier regions including the northern superior, far north and Hudson Bay lowland areas. Those areas are where new discoveries can help sustain existing communities such as Lynn Lake and Leaf Rapids. 


Three of the 22 projects receiving funding this year are in Lynn Lake and Leaf Rapids and three are in the frontier region. 12 projects are exploring for gold, 5 for copper-zinc, 3 for nickel and one each for graphite and uranium. The government notes for every 1-million dollars they invest in financial assistance, up to 8 million is generated for the Manitoba economy through exploration expenditures.



This is National Fishing Week


National Fishing Week starts tomorrow!


Fishing week runs from July 5th until July 13th. It’s a time for Canadians to show their love for a national past time.  Mike Melnik, National Fishing Week spokesperson,  says fishing helps with two main things.


"Well, two things.  I think it's great for people to connect with family instead of being in front of a television or in front of a computer screen.  And it's also just a really good mental health activity to relax and forget about your troubles for a while."


During the week Manitobans are encouraged to spend time on the many lakes fishing with their families.  You will need a licence during this week, and need to follow all other provincial rules. For a refresher of the rules visit


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