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School Board Looking At Reducing Number Of Trustees

The board of trustees for the School District of Mystery Lake is considering reducing the number of trustees from seven to five.


Board chairperson Don Macdonald spoke to 102.9 CHTM to explain why it’s being talked about. He said that at a time when budgets are getting tighter, it’s important to look at every option to save money.


Macdonald added that if they were to go to the five-person board, they would have to change their committee structure, possibly to a committee of the whole model. He explained that the current structure has three trustees per committee, which in a five-person board is a majority. The committee of the whole model would see all trustees sit on all committees.


Any changes would have to be made with a new by-law, which has to be voted on three times. It would then have to be approved by Ian Wishart, the provincial Minister of Education and Training.


The boards policy committee will be discussing the possible changes in the weeks, and months, to come.


Photo courtesy of the Thompson Citizen, Kyle Darbyson


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